KTTV continues to disintegrate, loses great talents

Mr. Murdoch’s KTTV execs continue to keep FOX Los Angeles as a laughing stock of a station. I have complained about a great many things and now one of the best new content producers and multi talents is gone from FOX Los Angeles. Misses Heidi S. Cuda said it all in a posting and it confirms everything from someone inside I and others have screamed about for a very long time. That there is no management at KTTV and worse, it is committing TV suicide for Mr. Murdoch. Want to hear it from the inside, read what goes on in FOX.


See, here is the problem Mr. Murdoch. You have a prime example of what I have been screaming, SCREAMING about as a viewer and this just continues to validate that KTTV execs have delivered you a “broken network of horrors.” Can it be more obvious that this is a workplace of fear, hatred and backstabbing. It is not a station of people and camaraderie, instead it is a living hell. I mean, seriously, this is disenfranchising your viewers and the sad thing Mr. Murdoch is you yourself are much better than this, so why can’t KTTV get its act together? I have pointed out solutions that are well thought out yet KTTV is like a zombie from “World War Z” arms-outstretched, running in any direction without any reason except to kill viewership and Mr. Murdoch, are you, Newscorp and FOX better than the living hell this and other employees have been through.


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