Nude and Bad Words.

Yeah, I get it. They want the public airwaves like pay cable and worse…the internet. They want you to be able to view “R” rated and maybe even light “X” rated scenes on the public airwaves and from a business standpoint it makes sense. While technology has caught up with blockers for parenting settings on the new TV sets, there are still some setup converter boxes out there and older TV’s that don’t necessarily have a “V” chip installed. So thus, recently FOX and other networks have petitioned the federal government to loosen up and say, have news anchors that take off their tops during the news like happens in Europe and Russia of all places.

No one is considering the moral implementations of this all, or how they might affect households whose parents think the kids should watch nude news anchors and tv dramas. You know, with topless women and guys out there, erhmmm, dangling for the audience and I didn’t mean hanging on either. You just know that kids will defeat the “V” chips just to see all of this, and then there are all of the perverts out there.

It used to be that TV was simple. You had nice looking people and they reflected a much more moral society yet that appears to be long gone. Just look at America. Pot Clinics, someone commits a rape and hate crime, and they get a slap on the wrist. It goes on and on, and in the end, becomes quite clear that airwaves nudity while great for business, is just another nail in the motto “One nation under God” and I’ll leave it there. Weigh in if you feel this is worth discussing. Don’t get me wrong ladies and gents. There are nice looking people out there, however, right now as of this posting, the public airwaves are for the most part clean. How long it stays this way is anyone’s guess.


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