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Tax em on BARF!

I mean they are proposing a wedding tax amongst others. Since everyone is so sick of what Washington is doing these days and feels like throwing up, why not tax em on barfing. A few examples if I may.

You either pay triple your med insurance rate or a fine to the IRS agents with their new shotguns at your door. So you chuck, accidentally barfing on the nice blue tie of the lead IRS agent and his shiny new shotgun. TAX! Seems fitting huh, barfing on the taxman and paying a new tax.

You find out the ambassador killed in Benghazi was the result of Hillary wanting a stand down and to make it worse, you see her face on TV and whelp, you barf. Another TAX!

Diane Feinstein (this creature’s a real thug), you catch a quick news clip, don’t need to know she is proposing killing the first and second amendments while her husband pockets illegal profits she arranged. You don’t need to know anything. This political hag is so ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, you BARF! Another TAX.

John McCain signed a bill (2012 – NDAA) that allows the government agents to kick down your front door, seize you and take you away. While in their brand new security Cadillac Escalade SUV, you feel very woozy and you Barf, realizing you are a slave of tyranny, another tax.

Nancy Pelosi meets with George Soros whose devilish fat face instantly makes you Barf. You Barf so many times, you are hit with a multi-taxation

Michelle Obama walks by, hints you should eat carrots which you do. Unfortunately an ILLEGAL ALIEN working on a farm peed on them, you get an illness and realize someone who broke into your country and makes your taxes pay them, this makes you Barf along with a freshly bagged dosage of salmonella. Another tax.

John Roberts of the Supreme Court, a very conservative guy, right? Nope, he allowed Obamacare on a swing vote and enslaved the citizens, hundreds of millions of them into communism while he still enjoys with the government and president, private healthcare, enough to make you barf for another tax.

Get the point? What once was a country you loved and were proud of is rapidly being destroyed and your freedoms with it and that is enough to make anyone barf, so when are these tyrannical politicians going to tax you for chucking? It’s coming folks.


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And now for the weather.

FOX KTTV 11 got it partially right. Yes you guys read the blogs and you nailed the weather, my hat’s off to you folks. Someone at your studio realized what was broken and imported the stacked weather reports and it works and works quite well. So, with this initiated, let us look at what needs fine tuning on the weather.

Move the forecasts a bit to my right as a viewer, have Maria Quiban or the weather caster stand more to the left and for a longer period of time. This is easy to do.

Now what you are still missing is the night temps and this is easily fixable as well. Copy what you did with the day temps and make stacked night temps, a night time sky perhaps with bright yellow temp numbers. That will round out and fix the weather issues that have plagued KTTV for a very long time.

Now, something that really pisses me off as a viewer, are all of you ready. I turn on the morning and Maria comes on, does a quickie and then gives you the full news cast at the bottom of the hour. KTLA DOES NOT DO THIS…GOT IT? If you are going to give the first newscast in the first few minutes give us the whole thing. As a viewer I am not stupid and I don’t like things stretched out. Hint: “It’s a channel changer” so hopefully you fix this aspect of the weather too.

And one last thing. Maria Quiban is Hawaiian or so she bills herself as, what about a Hula Dance with every weathercast she does much like the former weatherman of KTTV Mark Thompson the Dancing Weatherman. Perhaps Pablo can do a rain dance during the dry months and a sun shine dance during the wet cold ones.

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Maria and GDLA

I must admit after the Lucey-Reynolds debacle a while ago, and their being scape goated for a broken format, I had my doubting moments and rather then go at it, blasting the new co-host after a long search nationally, just see how things played out.

Now there was a wild and still wild but a little more conservative Julie Chang. She started out with Lucyisms but seemed to tone it down more or less so no issues there, not for now anyhow.

Maria Sansone I must say has fit right in that seat rather perfectly. Steve Edwards, just a great guy, both Steve and his wife, two of the nicest people you’d ever meet, I did 🙂 Steve is the kind gentleman you see on TV and he just has a great personality, sharp as a cookie too, he’s a super nice “with-it” type of person. Between Steve and Maria it is mainly like a Father-Daughter team in a sense and they bounce off one another rather well. You can just see she is a great breath of fresh air from what used to occupy that seat, gone almost a year now (Sep 29 2012). So overall the team works well. I also like that Misses Lisa Breckenridge is there, she has always been one of my sentimental favorites, just like a n angel on the set. Ratings, still down, quite down in fact for GDLA are 7.2 while for the KTLA Morning News are at 8.5 and it ain’t getting better anytime soon.

See, here’s the deal. Jillian and Dorothy could have been retained if management had actually sat down and told the both of them to cool it with sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex talk every morning. While this would fix those issues it would not fix what is really broken at FOX in the morning. That I have blogged about. Yeah FOX or KTTV can build whatever sets they want, but until you really identify the issues at hand, it will still be second fiddle. I have blogged about these issues and you can read them in depth through the archives here. Since I am too damned tired, I’ll let your fingers find them.

So yes, the current team of morning anchors works, even with Araksya’s Throat grunt/clucking sounds and Maria Quiban being able to do a true Hula dance as a Hawaiian. Tony McEwing when not riding camels, mispronouncing the name of an ancient Indian God as “Takeets” something that makes him burst out laughing and the others. One area that KTTV is lacking in is production help. Boy-oh-boy did that station mess up bad when they canned most of the older help. Viewers see the issues almost every morning both at the station and in the field and would someone please, please, please get Maria Sansone a Microphone she can use that doesn’t freak her out. There Maria, where would you be without a viewer’s voice 😉

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How do you know when you’ve lived too long?

When your American icons start disappearing.

I grew up with Cal Worthington in the 1960’s. I remember sitting watching shows on a Saturday morning and there was Cal Worthington and his dog spot. The guy had that big white cowboy hat, the guitar country southern music which runs to this day even, and he was pitching fantastic car deals. In fact the deals were so good that as a kid I was almost encouraged to abandon my tricycle and buy a car from Cal, like the used 1960 Chevy in white with chrome stripes.

The “His dog spot” became a fixture and over the years the gimmick turned into Tiger’s, Lions, Bears, Elephants, Chimps and other animals with Cal and his animal spot pitching cars.

Those years growing up in the 60’s were also quite different in Los Angeles. The economy was strong, there were so many employers fighting to get you and if you had any kind of college degree you were like gold…name your own price and benefits. Yes it really was that good back then. And the cars! There was American Motors, Chrysler, GMC and Ford all mass producing the best quality cars made by real American hands. Any parts you needed were readily available. Phones, well there wasn’t really wireless back then but hey, the phones all worked were rarely ever down and the service was top notch. Refrigerators were solid always worked, just replace parts and they would go forever. Electricity was cheap to and the gas for your big V-8 engines was cheap and available. Most gasoline stations had full service and those jobs were applied to by what are now High School kids during the summer months and what would be High School dropout or homeless people during the winter season. Perhaps a second family man’s job for some extra work.

Back then we did have the Blimp, I remembered during the late 60’s seeing it over Los Angeles.

We also had several amusement parks in the area too. On those Saturday mornings watching the original “Johnny Quest” one of my favorite shows ever or “Mighty Mouse” to save the day, I loved that most weekends my dad, the greatest guy in the world to me, would take me to The Pike in Long Beach California.

Rarely a few times I got to visit with them “Pacific Ocean Park” in Santa Monica California.

And there was Cal Worthington on the tube selling the latest used cars, a 1963 this and a 1964 that. The used two year old 1963 split window Chevy Corvette in yellow, there it was, boy oh boy was this man ever a major icon in Los Angeles.

And I remember getting up early on some mornings for school, catching the news with dad before work in those early 60’s days and seeing the milkman delivering bottles of fresh milk to our doorstep. Again the level of service from this era was incredible compared to what you get today. In an ironic sense this isn’t the America I knew that was free to grow up in, expand in any direction. Everything worked and yes I realize there were race issues and the Viet Nam war back then, got it, okay. But overall this country was something. So looking back, sadly, Cal Worthington was a major icon in Southern California who lasted into another century. Like the great times of yesteryear, another end comes to a better past. RIP Cal Worthington and the older America I knew and loved.

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So here we are again.

For years I have blogged about GDLA and the morning FOX news lineup and the ratings continue to sink. I have pointed out what can be done to fix them and no more posts on the work. If you want to find out what’s broken and what needs to be fixed, goto the GDLA Bash and look up my past archived posts. You can replace this person and that person, but until you fix the underlying problems, no amount of fresh talent nor money will bring viewers, it’s that plain and simple. What worked in the past no longer works now. You can run over 5 hours of morning news then another two hours through midday and hold viewers. Sorry, it doesn’t work. If this is what KTTV execs want, then why not make everything from 4AM in the morning through 1PM in the afternoon constant news? In essence KTTV is a consistent “news-only” channel and nothing more and it DOES NOT WORK…..GOT IT?

Yeah Steve screamed for Gina Silva back. She should have been the anchor in Sanson’e seat and Lisa Breckenridge should have been the entertainment anchor, you have the local talent. Promote them locally…NOT!

So viewers to GDLA continue to tune in if at all for a few minutes, catch the weather or news and then disappear altogether. They are being trained that GDLA is news and weather and after a few minutes are gone. That fault falls directly on the KTTV execs and Newscorp execs that allow and encourage it. KTLA in Los Angeles consistently beats FOX hands down and every time or most times that FOX loses talent, guess where they end up? You got it guys. FOX is today’s yesteryear KTLA and KTLA is today’s yesteryear KTTV and this is a very serious issue with long-term ramifications if not fixed early on.

Can it all be fixed for FOX in the mornings? Yes! Are FOX execs aware of what they have to fix? No! Are they reading these blogs to see what is going on and where to fix things? Unsure. Some people are, at least the smart ones with common sense. Otherwise everyone else with management decisions is like an ostrich with their heads in the ground. Careful, the Dingos are coming.

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Thank You Mr. Murdoch for…!

Bringing back Miss Paula Abdul to TV where she belongs as a judge. America’s girl was gone too long.

Paula Abdul, bigger and brighter than life and oh are we glad to see this very sweet SFV gal back, so while I sometimes post negative I must give credit where do. So again Mr. Murdoch, a thank you for bringing back America’s Girl.

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KTTV continues to disintegrate, loses great talents

Mr. Murdoch’s KTTV execs continue to keep FOX Los Angeles as a laughing stock of a station. I have complained about a great many things and now one of the best new content producers and multi talents is gone from FOX Los Angeles. Misses Heidi S. Cuda said it all in a posting and it confirms everything from someone inside I and others have screamed about for a very long time. That there is no management at KTTV and worse, it is committing TV suicide for Mr. Murdoch. Want to hear it from the inside, read what goes on in FOX.

See, here is the problem Mr. Murdoch. You have a prime example of what I have been screaming, SCREAMING about as a viewer and this just continues to validate that KTTV execs have delivered you a “broken network of horrors.” Can it be more obvious that this is a workplace of fear, hatred and backstabbing. It is not a station of people and camaraderie, instead it is a living hell. I mean, seriously, this is disenfranchising your viewers and the sad thing Mr. Murdoch is you yourself are much better than this, so why can’t KTTV get its act together? I have pointed out solutions that are well thought out yet KTTV is like a zombie from “World War Z” arms-outstretched, running in any direction without any reason except to kill viewership and Mr. Murdoch, are you, Newscorp and FOX better than the living hell this and other employees have been through.

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