A Schmuck Still Can’t Get It!

You would think the CEO at Nascar got it, right? Wrong. You know, I don’t know if it’s just me or some schmuck that got a national sport handed to them on a gold platter.

You make Nascar big by building it. Sprint cup you get the first and last third and during the summer you get Brian France’s big “FU” because he couldn’t deliver an entire season on a national network, oh and get this, you will have to wait until 2015. Nice going Brian. If I took a smelly dump in the toilet and flushed it counter-clockwise I couldn’t do a better press job.

First put an entire racing season on a major network or networks, okay?

Second, make sure to have a race on Monday or Friday nights. Call it for example “MNR” Monday Night Racing. Here is how you know it will go over big. Remember this back in early 2013.

The race was postponed through the following Monday until Monday night there was racing and what did much of America dial in on FOX? You guessed it Brian, they dialed in Nascar live on Monday night and the ratings were high. I can almost certainly say you have Monday Night Racing on FOX all season long and the public will watch. The sport will grow in leaps and bounds. Remember that “Outta sight” = “Outta Mind” and that has been true for eons.

Provide MNR and watch the sport grow, provide a full season of every race on a network and watch the sport grow. Give less a third of a season and no MNR and become the worlds biggest schmuck for not having capitalized on what could be huge.


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