Charlie, Tea and Political Crackahs!

So MSNBC that is “Mister Sinister Nothing But Charlie” Rangle gets up and calls Tea Party members nothing but whiter crackers. Now let’s “ANAL”yze that a moment, excluding Anthony Weiner.

Have you ever sat down, had a hot brunch tea with cream and sweetener and a box of these?

It’s pretty good, in fact these crackahs are very sweet…oh yes they are Charlie. But in Rangel’s case and those of the commies who hate freedom and want you enslaved under government control by causing grief in minority groups against you like the Black Americans (Note: Proudly I am not politically correct, so I will not say African American. Instead I will say Black American) The reason for this is because Jesse Jackson, the corporate shakedown artist and this guy Cholie Rangel are also crackahs and I know exactly what kind they are. They come from the old box of crackahs below.


And here are the old Saltine Crackahs. They are so old and moldy they taste even saltier and bitter. Consider these the worst tasting Political Commie Crackahs ya ever tasted.



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