Brian France Sells out a national sport?

You can kiss Nascar good bye or maybe you don’t need to entirely dismiss it from the track yet, and here is why. Brian France inked a deal with FOX to show the first 9  Sprint Cup races on Network TV thru 2024. The next nine races in that series goes to a cable pay channel FOX Sports. The final 7 races goes to NBC, supposedly on network broadcasts, but this might be to a pay network as well. So essentially the Sprint Cup series is when you analyze it fragmented still. A national sport without a complete season of viewing to network TV viewers coast-to-coast. It gets even worse for other cup viewers.

The Nationwide Cup races. Ready for this one. FOX gets the first 14 races and then NBC gets the final 19. So while FOX Sports 1 a pay cable channel stiffs the entire Sprint Cup fans out of watching all of the races, at least Nationwide viewers will get to watch the Nationwide races after the 14th race and on, NBC. So with the Sprint Cup races FOX screws you in the middle via Brian France. Then on the Nationwide races FOX screws you out of the start and providing NBC shows them coast-to-coast on regular TV non-pay, you can at least finish up that season. As for the Truck races aka. Camping world, well consider yourself on antenna TV screwed big time, and thank you Brian France, a job well done and I won’t say what kind of job it is.

Is it better what is on now? Yes, will it save the national sport of Nascar? Hard to say. One thing Nascar needs is a “Monday Night Football ” or “Friday Night Racing”… a time when people are tired of reality shows and the other major sports and turn the dial and get cars at 195mph knocking each other into the walls at differing camera angles. When people finish dinner, sit back and watch the action they will be hooked. They will purchase advertiser’s products and they will want to go to a local track and then they will be hooked. At least what Brian France has done is start driving Nascar in a right direction. Unfortunately it is at 100 mph instead of 195mph and nobody wins national races and fans at that speed.


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