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A Schmuck Still Can’t Get It!

You would think the CEO at Nascar got it, right? Wrong. You know, I don’t know if it’s just me or some schmuck that got a national sport handed to them on a gold platter.

You make Nascar big by building it. Sprint cup you get the first and last third and during the summer you get Brian France’s big “FU” because he couldn’t deliver an entire season on a national network, oh and get this, you will have to wait until 2015. Nice going Brian. If I took a smelly dump in the toilet and flushed it counter-clockwise I couldn’t do a better press job.

First put an entire racing season on a major network or networks, okay?

Second, make sure to have a race on Monday or Friday nights. Call it for example “MNR” Monday Night Racing. Here is how you know it will go over big. Remember this back in early 2013.

The race was postponed through the following Monday until Monday night there was racing and what did much of America dial in on FOX? You guessed it Brian, they dialed in Nascar live on Monday night and the ratings were high. I can almost certainly say you have Monday Night Racing on FOX all season long and the public will watch. The sport will grow in leaps and bounds. Remember that “Outta sight” = “Outta Mind” and that has been true for eons.

Provide MNR and watch the sport grow, provide a full season of every race on a network and watch the sport grow. Give less a third of a season and no MNR and become the worlds biggest schmuck for not having capitalized on what could be huge.


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How to get rid of the green fig beetle.

First, you must delight in being a total sadist.

Second you need a good strong set of shoes.

Third an electric flyswatter.

Now here is what you do to your fig tree branches.

Like bikers leaving a bar, get that swatter out, thumb on the button and swing, stomp and then wipe the bottom of your shoe. Works good for me 😀 Good luck!

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Why America is doomed and California in the toilet for good.

These people are all voters and this is why they elect the others below to do even more damage and this is what they did.

Your congress no longer reads what they sign into law and now I rest my case. Americans and America and the constitution is screwed and all of the videos above show you why! Have a nice day…

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Charlie, Tea and Political Crackahs!

So MSNBC that is “Mister Sinister Nothing But Charlie” Rangle gets up and calls Tea Party members nothing but whiter crackers. Now let’s “ANAL”yze that a moment, excluding Anthony Weiner.

Have you ever sat down, had a hot brunch tea with cream and sweetener and a box of these?

It’s pretty good, in fact these crackahs are very sweet…oh yes they are Charlie. But in Rangel’s case and those of the commies who hate freedom and want you enslaved under government control by causing grief in minority groups against you like the Black Americans (Note: Proudly I am not politically correct, so I will not say African American. Instead I will say Black American) The reason for this is because Jesse Jackson, the corporate shakedown artist and this guy Cholie Rangel are also crackahs and I know exactly what kind they are. They come from the old box of crackahs below.


And here are the old Saltine Crackahs. They are so old and moldy they taste even saltier and bitter. Consider these the worst tasting Political Commie Crackahs ya ever tasted.


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Brian France Sells out a national sport?

You can kiss Nascar good bye or maybe you don’t need to entirely dismiss it from the track yet, and here is why. Brian France inked a deal with FOX to show the first 9  Sprint Cup races on Network TV thru 2024. The next nine races in that series goes to a cable pay channel FOX Sports. The final 7 races goes to NBC, supposedly on network broadcasts, but this might be to a pay network as well. So essentially the Sprint Cup series is when you analyze it fragmented still. A national sport without a complete season of viewing to network TV viewers coast-to-coast. It gets even worse for other cup viewers.

The Nationwide Cup races. Ready for this one. FOX gets the first 14 races and then NBC gets the final 19. So while FOX Sports 1 a pay cable channel stiffs the entire Sprint Cup fans out of watching all of the races, at least Nationwide viewers will get to watch the Nationwide races after the 14th race and on, NBC. So with the Sprint Cup races FOX screws you in the middle via Brian France. Then on the Nationwide races FOX screws you out of the start and providing NBC shows them coast-to-coast on regular TV non-pay, you can at least finish up that season. As for the Truck races aka. Camping world, well consider yourself on antenna TV screwed big time, and thank you Brian France, a job well done and I won’t say what kind of job it is.

Is it better what is on now? Yes, will it save the national sport of Nascar? Hard to say. One thing Nascar needs is a “Monday Night Football ” or “Friday Night Racing”… a time when people are tired of reality shows and the other major sports and turn the dial and get cars at 195mph knocking each other into the walls at differing camera angles. When people finish dinner, sit back and watch the action they will be hooked. They will purchase advertiser’s products and they will want to go to a local track and then they will be hooked. At least what Brian France has done is start driving Nascar in a right direction. Unfortunately it is at 100 mph instead of 195mph and nobody wins national races and fans at that speed.

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