Black Descrimination, How Does It Feel?

If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would weep at how many black Americans have become racists, and not just type 1 racists but type 3 racists through their actions and even type 4 and the dreaded awful type 5 racists.

Let me tell you how blacks treat whites or other light skinned non-blacks, besides killing their own people and culture in this suicidal action. I had to go to FedEx and pick up a package about 6:25PM. Inside there was a lady named Neelu and two younger black women. A Latino couple was ahead of me and I waited almost ten minutes for my package pickup which was not delivered as it was supposed to be. I waited and waited and waited while Neelu and another black girl, the shorter of the two who both wore no badges or name tags. The shorter one was at the other end of the counter while I languished at the pickup window, next to be served as the black girl would inform me there is a line. So I was next. A black man walked in the doors almost ten minutes after I was waiting and she took him right away. That’s right. He got serviced immediately and then she finally came over to me. I asked her why that guy got put ahead of me and she sarcastically replied there is a waiting line. Well, I was there ten minutes ahead of that guy, why didn’t I get my package which would take about a minute to grab? Because he was black and I was not and that is the very thing that blacks scream about, while practicing it on others.

Now I got my package in the car and then decided to walk back in and contest this. I asked for her name so I could report her and she maintained no name tag and said she would get her manager. A moment later she came back out and said there was no manager available and she wanted my name and phone number. Yeah right, I’ll tell her where to send the people to my home. Hey folks, it is time to stand up to this. I am going to post this link to FedEx at their North Hills station off Schoenborn st. It is time that this kind of crap stop being practiced. She clearly practiced racism against me and for what? Picking up a package at FedEx.


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  1. As a followup, just called FedEx to file a complaint with them. They were very concerned about this. What is sad here is she could have taken about 30 seconds, grabbed my package slip, got me my package, I would have smiled, thanked her and that would have been it. Instead this black woman practiced outright discrimination. I also want to add, I know many black folks and the great majority have been swell folks and friends. I am going to tell them to read my blog too. Because it is important that if you want to get rid of hatred, you can’t practice it against others.

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