Thank You Brian France

and the Nascar leadership for giving me my Sundays back, giving me my Saturdays back, giving me my Fridays back, using less energy to watch TV, not having to spend gasoline to drive to the nearest race track. Not having anxiety over whether my favorite race car driver will win or not, not spending money on advertisers products because I don’t have to watch their commercials in the first place. Being able to now have time to enjoy other things besides your racing, not having to watch FOX or ABC only to get the middle finger as a viewer and fan of a sport. Not having a racing sport since it cannot be seen except by paying hundreds of dollars for cable. Not having to purchase cable TV programming. Not having to purchase hot dogs and all the add-ons for them and beer to watch a race. Being freed up to do anything else I want to.

I personally thank you Mr. France and the Nascar heads for all of this. In fact, when I need to see if my driver won, I’ll just visit twitter, facebook, even your site and then for the few minutes it took, save my most valuable commodity I can never get back once it is gone, which is my time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my not having to lose those hours of my life by not watching your races anymore.

Sincerely another of millions of disenFRANCEchised fans…Thank You.


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