Semifame and Privacy.

So someone asked me if I wanted to ever be before the cameras. My reply, if I make a fortune okay, if not, then probably not. Too many kooks out there I reckon. In my world of selling ebooks and audiobook titles, I have acquired semi-fame. A sort of netherworld if you may. On one hand, I have some fame, just a little bit. Do I care? Not really. I usually don’t pay it much attention. On the other hand, I relish a modicum of privacy still. It’s a fine balance. Of course the mass media such as TV or movies instantly rockets those into fame, if not for a short time, sometimes longer but usually the short time.

Have you ever noticed the older actress whose career faded in the 80’s struggling to get anything going. Lots of those and I can tell you from talking to various celebs that they most of all fear falling from the spotlight. Not because of their egos mind you, but because it is tougher for them to get work outside their acting profession. And it gets even worse for news people and other types of artists. Let me also state that artists aren’t the only ones that suffer.

Let’s talk production crews and people. I know a fair amount of those folks as well, and I can only tell you that except for some union members, many others are having a tough time when work goes away. It isn’t easy at all on them. When the entertainment biz pays, it pays and when it isn’t, it can be very bleak indeed. Where production folks especially craftsmen and women have an edge over acting talents is they can find oft times, work outside the entertainment biz.

The problem with full fame is once you have it, well, you have it. It is there, ain’t going anywhere else, and it stays with you for life so your privacy essentially is gone for good. Can you keep private? By all means yes, just look at Robert Wagner. He’s tried to keep private for decades, erhmm, oh, okay bad example. How about the Bionic woman? Have you seen Lindsay Wagner anytime recently, yet you would recognize her on sight. My point exactly about fame.

So I’ll take my semi-fame as the best of both worlds. Not enough to be that well known and enough privacy to just be an American like most of you out there, proudly so, cause we still have a great country. Stay good folks.


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