So here we are 2013 and where is Nascar?

Not on any major networks, nope. Instead, thanks to Brian France and his ilk who control an entire national sport handed down from Brian’s family to him, you have to wait till 2014 to glimpse half a season of Nascar again unless you have cable or a dish. Forget using a Roku box to get streaming Nascar from the net. Roku will charge you if it’s even available. Thanks Brian France for another year of missing half the last season of Nascar, that’s a real positive way to show fans (who are those) that you care about them or the teams and team owners and drivers (who are those) or the advertisers that sell their products to a national audience (who are those) and the list goes on and on. And why does Brian France do this to the sporting fans of stockcar racing nationally? Because he just plain out doesn’t care a crap, that’s why.

Now, what this Nascar CEO (who has as much business sense as a counterclockwise swimming used toilette square on its way to the sewer) doesn’t understand is to kill a sales product (and Nascar marketing and products rely on sales as does the entire sport) is make sure people can no longer know the sport even exists. Or that they know it exists where the great majority of folks cannot access it, okay. That is how you kill as fast as possible a national sport and keep it from growing. What you then get is a national dying sport or if not outright dying, collapsing from even being a national sport. See, I’ll reiterate this again and again until I am number 48 blue in the face, not that being a Jimmie Johnson fan is bad mind you, quite the opposite, but the other blue in my face isn’t good as a fan.

To grow the sport you negotiate a full cup race season on a major network, or two or three. For example, Brian lets FOX Sports use the entire sport for the first half of Fox’s sports season, then dumps viewers for the NFL half way through the cup season and that is for the Sprint cup. Brian and the Nascar execs also do this for the National cup races on ABC. Then the remaining half season is divided up amongst a handful of cable channels leaving race fans up in the air…not good! With fans becoming used to watching the first half of a season, guess what is now happening to the sport of Nascar and stockcar racing. You got it, fans don’t spend their hard earned cash anymore going to the races whereas they used to pack the stadiums at the race car track events. Don’t believe me, just watch any race as of late and I am talking Sprint Cup, the big ones and you will see empty stands that grow more sparse each following year. Then there is the Nascar merchandising, the products they sell, also dwindling, but the worst hit comes when the public starts becoming accustomed to just ignoring the sport altogether. That is happening too. “Outta sight, outta mind” so what FOX and ABC and Brian France and the brass at Nascar are doing is hyping for only half a season a sport, then stiffing the public. BAD BUSINESS and in the end Nascar loses what could have been the number one sport in the United States. Now how to fix Nascar? Great question so let us now turn from Brian France’s negatives to my positives, that’s right, one race fans opinions.

First, sit down and work the Nascar schedule around the NFL and MLB and NBA games with the networks execs. Carry both major cup races every week on a national network. For Sprint Cup, bring us Monday Night racing just like the NFL used to give us every Monday night on ABC. Give ABC a major reason for Monday night racing, people are strung out on reality shows and many would love to watch and discover Stock Car racing, it is that exciting

Give us Friday and Saturday night at the races, that’s right, on Friday and Saturday evenings give us racing. Give us the other cup so we can watch both. Take the time to schedule the racing events around other events and secure a national network for one cup and a national network for another cup. Here are the national networks.





PBS that’s right, Public Broadcasting if for a race or two is necessary. Don’t short the public. Do that simple thing to really grow Nascar by putting it on a major public coast-to-coast network and it will grow. Monday, Friday and Saturday night at the races nationwide and Nascar will soar. Keep going the way Nascar has been as of late by denying the mass public the last half viewing season and it will surely tank bigtime. In the end it will become a backwoods, least talked of sport that could have been, but was shrunk to nothing by dumb business decisions and like old STP, that’s the name of that tune.


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