Steve’s Hair and Lisa Breck.

The master!


The master with some color

See the difference! And so do FOX Execs, which is why they got Maria Sansone in, but this week shows I was right all along and FOX Execs might take note. A bit of coloring for Steve’s hair would bring him into a bit younger generation. Throw in the always sweet Lisa Breckenridge and you have a winning team. In fact watching the two of them this week, Lisa and Steve at anchor works best and yes, I will take that pat on the back for these comments. Not because of ego mind you, but rather because it is what works. Maria Sansone is a great talent, don’t get me wrong here. But the Steve and Lisa combo just feels more established and right, and well…it works too and works quite well.

Misses Lisa Breckenridge always my sentimental favorite 🙂

Now while this is a strong co-hosting team, the problem though for FOX KTTV 11 still remains viewer demographics, whose watching and when and also the GDLA format requires a reformat. Without those, first place ratings will be hard to come by if ever and even tougher to hold on to. But if Execs are able to, a co-anchor deal with Steve and Lisa is perfect.


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