Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Predictions.

Well the 2013 episodes are winding up and while the summer is sizzling, so is the 2013 HK season as it is winding down. At this point I believe Susan probably will go home next episode as of this writing. I would have to say she is the weakest player remaining. My prediction would have to be a tossup between Ja’Nel who has been steady and the last remaining “blue” guy on the black jacket team Jon. Of the 5 remaining contestants, probably Jon is the strongest with Ja’Nel a very close second, so my predictions are they will be the last two remaining unless after this posting something happens. I believe after Susan is leaving tonight and Cynthia right after her. Anyone who serves bloody lamb chops deserves to lose.

A close third would be Mary and no, not because of her voice, I’m fine with it. I just feel that Jon is probably this year’s winner unless Chef Ramsey becomes skewed and goes Politically Correct. The reason I make that statement is while we like either Ja’Nel and Jon and Mary, Jon remains solid and steady with no issues and honestly, Ja’Nel while close, is still second fiddle.

So unless again things change, it seems to me if the show is or was conducted fairly, Jon should push through and win, though Ja’Nel is a very close second. Mary is also very good despite complaints on a squeaky voice and her tongue in her mouth showing while cooking. As long as she doesn’t drool in the food, she should place a close third though if Ja’Nel or Jon mess up badly, could place second. I do not believe as it stands as of this blogging posting, that Mary will place as the winner. Again, stranger things have happened.

As for Susan, she is passionate and a real looker too. Unfortunately, she is not a group leader and this is what Chef Ramsey appears to need and why Jon will probably be this years winner. Time will tell as Chef Ramsey struggles to show that political events don’t need skew his judgment when it comes to picking the real 😉 winner of the season.


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