Greedy Americans Still Asleep, Rest of the World Awake.

It seems that a good chunk of Americans are ready to commit political suicide so that people around the world can see how very stupid they are. What does it take, you ask? Well Egyptians get it. Don’t believe me, read this link and then get back here for more.

So what does it take? Well let’s see.

IRS shutting down political groups, harassing people…nope!

Uh, what about the NSA, after all they are spying on everyone, even other countries. I mean, they have pissed off our allies like Germany, France and many other countries, but you, the sleeping AmeriKan they are really watching.

How about armed drones spying on you and ready to kill you AmeriKans?

Drones killing YOU! That’s right sleeping AmeriKan your government can kill you at any time without a court order.

and what does the AG say about drones killing you?

Obama’s DHS buys billions of hollowpoint rounds to kill you! Don’t believe me, think I’m making this all up? Not at all, I’m just posting what is happening here while you are sleeping, AmeriKans and the world is watching you commit suicide on your original constitution and protections and freedoms. Here, watch these, they are for all of you who voted for your own demise.

and to make sure you stayed suppressed as communists take your freedoms away, they are buying tanks for you. Here, don’t believe me, don’t hold me liable, they are the ones doing this. I’m just posting it for you sleeping aholes that want a free ‘FO’…

and you thought Obama and his gang were to fix George W. Bush’s robbery of the country’s treasury to fix stuff right? They are fixing you or getting ready to and anyone who does not dance to their communist tune is considered an enema of their state.

NDAA Scandal.

That’s right. The communists can remove you from your home for the rest of your life never to be heard from again. Don’t believe me, then look at what John McChipmunkRAT signed at the end of 2012. That backstabbing traitorous bastard!

John McChipmunk

John McChipmunk

And while I’m at it, here’s what this communist scumbag is doing. He sponsors foreign invaders over you. So much for the brain of a real gerbil.

This gerbil, further goes against the Constitution, what a rat ass! Anyone who disagrees with my opinions…tough! Freedom of speech baby!

In essence, there is a major cost for sleeping and being stupid while you are being turned into a communist slave. There are no free ‘FO’s’ out there.

and being Jewish, what about my voting members? La He’im

and how does Obama support stupid Jews who want him to propagate communist enslavement of you? Here is what they are getting and they still support the guy.

Here, does this stupid idiot of a woman look like the wicked witch or what?

she’s for Obama.

and here is the pay off for Jews. Thanks for supporting communism.

Even Muslims know what is really happening in America and here is what they think of the communists.

Disagree with me, don’t flame the messenger, instead visit all these videos and tell them what you think. Agree, great, still I don’t need your praise. This is what is happening as it is happening and honestly if you agree with me, simply I say thanks, but again, visit the video posts and support and thank them there.

I love the original America, not AmeriKa as it has become. I support the original constitution and freedom, but never communism and tyranny. That’s why I consider myself an AMERICAN, not an AmeriKan.


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