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Is Bubba Jealous of Weiner?

Uh, lets see…

and finally, cause you know he did…

The next Democratic Presidential Candidate



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Black Descrimination, How Does It Feel?

If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would weep at how many black Americans have become racists, and not just type 1 racists but type 3 racists through their actions and even type 4 and the dreaded awful type 5 racists.

Let me tell you how blacks treat whites or other light skinned non-blacks, besides killing their own people and culture in this suicidal action. I had to go to FedEx and pick up a package about 6:25PM. Inside there was a lady named Neelu and two younger black women. A Latino couple was ahead of me and I waited almost ten minutes for my package pickup which was not delivered as it was supposed to be. I waited and waited and waited while Neelu and another black girl, the shorter of the two who both wore no badges or name tags. The shorter one was at the other end of the counter while I languished at the pickup window, next to be served as the black girl would inform me there is a line. So I was next. A black man walked in the doors almost ten minutes after I was waiting and she took him right away. That’s right. He got serviced immediately and then she finally came over to me. I asked her why that guy got put ahead of me and she sarcastically replied there is a waiting line. Well, I was there ten minutes ahead of that guy, why didn’t I get my package which would take about a minute to grab? Because he was black and I was not and that is the very thing that blacks scream about, while practicing it on others.

Now I got my package in the car and then decided to walk back in and contest this. I asked for her name so I could report her and she maintained no name tag and said she would get her manager. A moment later she came back out and said there was no manager available and she wanted my name and phone number. Yeah right, I’ll tell her where to send the people to my home. Hey folks, it is time to stand up to this. I am going to post this link to FedEx at their North Hills station off Schoenborn st. It is time that this kind of crap stop being practiced. She clearly practiced racism against me and for what? Picking up a package at FedEx.

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Thank You Brian France

and the Nascar leadership for giving me my Sundays back, giving me my Saturdays back, giving me my Fridays back, using less energy to watch TV, not having to spend gasoline to drive to the nearest race track. Not having anxiety over whether my favorite race car driver will win or not, not spending money on advertisers products because I don’t have to watch their commercials in the first place. Being able to now have time to enjoy other things besides your racing, not having to watch FOX or ABC only to get the middle finger as a viewer and fan of a sport. Not having a racing sport since it cannot be seen except by paying hundreds of dollars for cable. Not having to purchase cable TV programming. Not having to purchase hot dogs and all the add-ons for them and beer to watch a race. Being freed up to do anything else I want to.

I personally thank you Mr. France and the Nascar heads for all of this. In fact, when I need to see if my driver won, I’ll just visit twitter, facebook, even your site and then for the few minutes it took, save my most valuable commodity I can never get back once it is gone, which is my time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my not having to lose those hours of my life by not watching your races anymore.

Sincerely another of millions of disenFRANCEchised fans…Thank You.

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Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a thiller sci-fi that concentrates on giant dinosaur creatures from below the ocean’s surface that have come to colonize the world at the expense of the rest of life.

I went yesterday to watch it at the theater off Winnetka. Hadn’t been there for quite a while but decided to head there and lo and behold it wasn’t too crowded. So I went, paid the big bucks and entered first to the candy counter. Now call me old fashioned but the one thing I love at a movie theater is a good old fashioned and (expensive – ouch) box of Raisinets. No movie is complete without them, trust me on that and now they have dark chocolate.

So mind you this is 3D. So here first is a description I lifted so you have a better idea of what the flick is about, okay.

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes-a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

Now here are my impressions 1 star the worst 5 stars the best. I found the film over done. The FX while astounding were too much. This reminded me of a transformers wannabe. The acting was so-so and the plot was straight forward predictable. In fact I could almost predict the ending after the start. Subplots were almost nil. There were some funny moments in the film. If you have ever played with one of these which I have owned from the 1960’s when they used to be a major rave craze item, then the scene where the robots arm goes through the side of an office skyscraper only to stop short of a desk with the kinetic balls was quite amusing.

The baby monster eating the guy who considered himself king was also a funny moment. The woman reminded me of the late Bruce Lee with boobs. Sorry ladies, nothing derogatory meant by that but it is what it is.

If you can watch it Imax 3D then go for it. The theaters really crank the sound up and hopefully that can drown out any crying babies some moms will bring with them. Always sit in the back, cause the Coke chuckers (those little sob’s) nail those dump enough to sit front—just a hint.

Okay first their trailer then my rating.

Rating 3 of 5.

Plot is weak and predictable, we have seen enough giant robots movies so the FX become repetitive. Worth a watch, but wouldn’t go for another ticket or to buy an expensive DVD when it becomes available. Hollywood is putting out lots of expensive crap these days but this isn’t one of them. So 3 stars for all the work, to kill a couple hours and oh, the very best part…an excuse to buy a box of movie raisinets 😉 enjoy!

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Semifame and Privacy.

So someone asked me if I wanted to ever be before the cameras. My reply, if I make a fortune okay, if not, then probably not. Too many kooks out there I reckon. In my world of selling ebooks and audiobook titles, I have acquired semi-fame. A sort of netherworld if you may. On one hand, I have some fame, just a little bit. Do I care? Not really. I usually don’t pay it much attention. On the other hand, I relish a modicum of privacy still. It’s a fine balance. Of course the mass media such as TV or movies instantly rockets those into fame, if not for a short time, sometimes longer but usually the short time.

Have you ever noticed the older actress whose career faded in the 80’s struggling to get anything going. Lots of those and I can tell you from talking to various celebs that they most of all fear falling from the spotlight. Not because of their egos mind you, but because it is tougher for them to get work outside their acting profession. And it gets even worse for news people and other types of artists. Let me also state that artists aren’t the only ones that suffer.

Let’s talk production crews and people. I know a fair amount of those folks as well, and I can only tell you that except for some union members, many others are having a tough time when work goes away. It isn’t easy at all on them. When the entertainment biz pays, it pays and when it isn’t, it can be very bleak indeed. Where production folks especially craftsmen and women have an edge over acting talents is they can find oft times, work outside the entertainment biz.

The problem with full fame is once you have it, well, you have it. It is there, ain’t going anywhere else, and it stays with you for life so your privacy essentially is gone for good. Can you keep private? By all means yes, just look at Robert Wagner. He’s tried to keep private for decades, erhmm, oh, okay bad example. How about the Bionic woman? Have you seen Lindsay Wagner anytime recently, yet you would recognize her on sight. My point exactly about fame.

So I’ll take my semi-fame as the best of both worlds. Not enough to be that well known and enough privacy to just be an American like most of you out there, proudly so, cause we still have a great country. Stay good folks.

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So here we are 2013 and where is Nascar?

Not on any major networks, nope. Instead, thanks to Brian France and his ilk who control an entire national sport handed down from Brian’s family to him, you have to wait till 2014 to glimpse half a season of Nascar again unless you have cable or a dish. Forget using a Roku box to get streaming Nascar from the net. Roku will charge you if it’s even available. Thanks Brian France for another year of missing half the last season of Nascar, that’s a real positive way to show fans (who are those) that you care about them or the teams and team owners and drivers (who are those) or the advertisers that sell their products to a national audience (who are those) and the list goes on and on. And why does Brian France do this to the sporting fans of stockcar racing nationally? Because he just plain out doesn’t care a crap, that’s why.

Now, what this Nascar CEO (who has as much business sense as a counterclockwise swimming used toilette square on its way to the sewer) doesn’t understand is to kill a sales product (and Nascar marketing and products rely on sales as does the entire sport) is make sure people can no longer know the sport even exists. Or that they know it exists where the great majority of folks cannot access it, okay. That is how you kill as fast as possible a national sport and keep it from growing. What you then get is a national dying sport or if not outright dying, collapsing from even being a national sport. See, I’ll reiterate this again and again until I am number 48 blue in the face, not that being a Jimmie Johnson fan is bad mind you, quite the opposite, but the other blue in my face isn’t good as a fan.

To grow the sport you negotiate a full cup race season on a major network, or two or three. For example, Brian lets FOX Sports use the entire sport for the first half of Fox’s sports season, then dumps viewers for the NFL half way through the cup season and that is for the Sprint cup. Brian and the Nascar execs also do this for the National cup races on ABC. Then the remaining half season is divided up amongst a handful of cable channels leaving race fans up in the air…not good! With fans becoming used to watching the first half of a season, guess what is now happening to the sport of Nascar and stockcar racing. You got it, fans don’t spend their hard earned cash anymore going to the races whereas they used to pack the stadiums at the race car track events. Don’t believe me, just watch any race as of late and I am talking Sprint Cup, the big ones and you will see empty stands that grow more sparse each following year. Then there is the Nascar merchandising, the products they sell, also dwindling, but the worst hit comes when the public starts becoming accustomed to just ignoring the sport altogether. That is happening too. “Outta sight, outta mind” so what FOX and ABC and Brian France and the brass at Nascar are doing is hyping for only half a season a sport, then stiffing the public. BAD BUSINESS and in the end Nascar loses what could have been the number one sport in the United States. Now how to fix Nascar? Great question so let us now turn from Brian France’s negatives to my positives, that’s right, one race fans opinions.

First, sit down and work the Nascar schedule around the NFL and MLB and NBA games with the networks execs. Carry both major cup races every week on a national network. For Sprint Cup, bring us Monday Night racing just like the NFL used to give us every Monday night on ABC. Give ABC a major reason for Monday night racing, people are strung out on reality shows and many would love to watch and discover Stock Car racing, it is that exciting

Give us Friday and Saturday night at the races, that’s right, on Friday and Saturday evenings give us racing. Give us the other cup so we can watch both. Take the time to schedule the racing events around other events and secure a national network for one cup and a national network for another cup. Here are the national networks.





PBS that’s right, Public Broadcasting if for a race or two is necessary. Don’t short the public. Do that simple thing to really grow Nascar by putting it on a major public coast-to-coast network and it will grow. Monday, Friday and Saturday night at the races nationwide and Nascar will soar. Keep going the way Nascar has been as of late by denying the mass public the last half viewing season and it will surely tank bigtime. In the end it will become a backwoods, least talked of sport that could have been, but was shrunk to nothing by dumb business decisions and like old STP, that’s the name of that tune.

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Is Hollywood’s Crap finally Choking em?

You’ve seen the tinselturds, you know the ones who hang out with communist DICKtators, or make anti-American, hate-America comments while enjoying the millions they get from capitalism, not to mention endless partying, mansions, expensive cars etc. Or the hollysluts who if they are not half naked and drunk somewhere, are in consistent trouble for breaking one law, after another law, after another law, after another law and getting a free pass from a corrupted multi-tiered law system that throws your ass in jail for spitting in the gutter. Well, in recent years, comedies have become vile in Hollywood, infact most movies are so x-rated charged with vile content and language that usually talks about oral sex instead of being funny, it has become a sewer. Throw in the communists running Hollywood and trashing pro-America flicks while demonizing you for even being born and the American public has turned away. Now there are many other variables at work here.

For example, Hollywood must continue movie theater prices which exceed thirty bucks a person on average these days, with blockbusters (HA!) heading towards fifty. Throw in a screaming brat, people whispering, people going up and back through the aisle in front of you and a really nasty little bastard hurling a cup of cola from up top somewhere and it gets downright ugly. Who wants to spend big bucks for that?

Video piracy online has grown too, worldwide. As soon as a new movie flick comes out, well you know that Seinfeld episode with Kramer, a video camera in a movie theater. It was funny right?

and you thought that wasn’t happening. So this is also killing DVD as well as movie theater sales too. Take a site down, 5 new ones pop up. Then there are people who may be pirating flicks to purposefully hurt Hollywood communists, a sort of proxy war out there, as I read in a political blog a while back. I found that rather fascinating, though it is still illegal.  I honestly don’t think that anything less then shutting the entire net down will stop this, and it is not just movies. It is also ebooks, music, really everything sadly. At one time it was music, but with faster connections people these days can stream and grab anything that’s not nailed down it would seem.

And then there are the remakes. Hollywood is making remakes and many are anti-American flicks too, or have a subtle political message because of the commies in Hollywood who now control all of our media and entertainment. Throw in someone like Johnny Depp and the string of remakes his director buddy is making as of late and you see where it is going. How many times must we watch the Titanic sink? How many 1980’s TV series A-Teams do we need? Why did we get a brand new Star Trek that takes the entire franchise and dis-enfranchises it? See folks that’s the problem here.

Budgets! Then there are a lot of flicks that are being made cheap, look cheap and are a complete waste of time. Many are bad that people don’t even want to see them free. You couldn’t pay people to sit for two hours and watch them.

But worst of all are the outright communists, that have been behind voting for and funding the destruction of America as it has been for over 200 years. These vile creatures, the lowest order of sub-bubble gum sticks that melted on the sidewalk and became sneaker scrub. These vile animals that are less in character than an amoeba deformed. These sub humans, who make the devil seem nice, these vile backstabbing, snobbish lying, stick-a-knife-in-your-back types are the real reason why instead of Americans accepting their middle finger. Are giving it right back to them by ignoring their products and realizing they can all starve and go to hell without loyal viewers and that is why Hollywood is a dying business and will continue to rapidly crumble.

It’s only too bad, that many good folks will suffer too and many side businesses.

So how to fix it? Well, it is apparent the entertainment business at all levels is going through some type of transformation. The net is great for distribution and it carries no overhead. Likewise, shooting movies digitally has brought costs way down, and computer FX in flicks also has cheapened greatly over the years, so where to go? Well an ISP entertainment reimbursement fee might work. You log online and can go and watch, listen to or read whatever you want. In return at the end of the month you have an entertainment fee on your bill that allows you to do all of this. Sadly, there are fewer options left and Hollywood is in great change these days. Steven Spielschmuck recently along with George Lucas stated the business is going down the tubes and in flux. That’s an understatement if ever I heard one. Honestly it is almost completely down the tubes, because of how it has functioned.

The days of Hollywood acting talent practicing communism and living high while trouncing the viewers and public and taking an unheard of lifestyle for granted are rapidly coming to an end. The American entertainment business is dying and not slowly anymore, but at breakneck speed. Hooray For Hollywood!

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