You know what I hate about squirrels and other gerbils?

These dirty rotten little bastards have been raping my peach trees as of late.


Every God damned one of them. Instead of taking and eating a peach, they stick their buck teeth into it and then throw it on the ground. That kind of reminds me of what today’s political parties are doing. I do declare, of all the mean spirited things that it takes a season to grow my peaches and these dirty little rotten bastards come onto the property, shake their tails in a jerking motion, make clicking sounds (a sign of their intelligence) and then get to work raping my trees of beautiful, mainly unripened fruit. Kind of like what the political gerbils are doing to the tree of liberty in America. Some run off atop the back wall when they find a ripe peach, others just pick and throw them on the ground and still other gerbils are there to make a real mess of things. Take the dumbass John McRat of Arizona, one of the worst gerbils to ever dawn buck teeth and cheeks filled with political crap. I mean honestly folks, I don’t think I could pick a better back-stabbing traitor to the United States of America then this stooge and rat of the lowest order. Here’s what this gerbil does. Supports drones that can kill you on your soil, signed a government agreement and I might add sneakily, to take you from your home gestapo style, never to be heard from again without trial. Throws a national election and cozies up to commies. Loves and supports “ILLEGAL ALIENS!” Go figure huh! What was in  that rotting political fruit this bastard stole from Americans? Is against marriage of a man and woman. Doesn’t need the border closed, supports Al Qaeda over Israel and our allies and the basket of rotting fruit goes on and on and on with this buck toothed traitor. If it was up to him, Hitler should have conquered Arizona first, after all why not sell your country down the tubes, the sooner the better. And no, I don’t give a rats ass that his aides have got wind of this post…F them all, as far as I’m concerned.

As for the squirrels and other nasty gerbils I found that this stuff works well, even on rats! I have started using it again and am keeping more peaches because of it. Maybe Americans can do the same at election time.

Works best on McRats!


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