Tallywhacker Wants to become Governor Putz!

That’s right. Fading Mayor Tallywhacker wants to become a big governor Putz and considering how many voting putzes there are in the Fools Gold State, he may well win. After all if you are a Democrap, why not vote someone whose only claim to fame as mayor of Los Angeles is his big bright smile. In a way…

Dickhead Number One

Dickhead Number One

It really makes sense. What Tallywhacker’s motto should be is “I’ll stiff the state residents like I stiffed Los Angeles residents,” after all, how many tree trimmers are there left to trim trees in Los Angeles? How many potholes got fixed temporarily instead of resurfacing complete boulevards? How many sidewalks are impassible for residents, never mind the handicapped or senior citizens? And you get to the bigger picture. Still, Californians have shifted from the good ol’ days and now you have thugs running the state en masse.

Then again, across the country in a mirror of sorts, New Yorkers have thrust dickhead Weiner into the foreskin of politics to do a major stiffing of New Yorkers. Talk about holding boners over the “heads” of residents in the major cities and states with two of the larger delegates and it all becomes clear.

If the electorate are so stupid in California to elect the loser, former Mayor Tallywhacker, then they deserve the petzel they will get in office.


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