They Made A Deal…but which one?

It is apparent the Republican Party is being steered to destruction from within. First, all Conservatives are being sidelined or kicked off positions of influence. Religious groups are being shunned as well as anyone conservative. So the left has clearly infiltrated the Republican Party at the top of the Republican Party structure. This would explain why the Republican Party has little to no presence in the California elections with 55 delegates or why they are also very weak in New York. It also explains why they can no longer win national elections.

It is also clear why John Boehner is always crying, because he knows and feels deep down he cannot do anything but go along with the infiltrators destroying his party. Was his family threatened, was he? Was there something else, a reason why he is committing political suicide to keep the party small for decades to come? Why election after election puts up the weakest candidate who makes a first strong showing then falls flat on their political campaign faces only to virtually throw one national election after another to keep Democrats winning and pushing an agenda that tyrannizes the American People as it strips them of their freedoms and into enslavement, perhaps for life?

Can the party even be salvaged or turned around, whereby the Democratic Party is all but shot, can the conservative movement take back the Republican Party?

John Boehner is going to allow illegal ALIENS to stay and be rewarded in the country for starting off breaking our laws coming here. John Boehner is going to keep the border open for terrorists, drug cartels, gangs, cut throats, rapists, murderers, extortionists and other ilk and he is going to reward those who have committed murder in the country along with other politicians to remain and commit more crimes. This is what John Boehner is doing to you, your community, your city, your state and finally your country! So are many other politicians who are bought and sold like the cheap political whores they are.



Oh, and don’t even think of an armed revolution. The feds already have drones flying for you, light tanks in your city and billions of rounds of bullets to kill you should you try to do what happened when King George had taxation without representation. Isn’t that what we have today?


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