Is Leno going to FOX?

Someone asked me my opinion on Jay Leno leaving NBC. If I could give Jay the best advice…goto FOX to their KTTV affiliate, start your show at 11pm and kills the viewers habits for the competition especially J. Fallon. It can easily be done, cut loose and have fun Jay right there on a brand new FOX stage. That is the very best advice I can personally give you. If you quit and just retire, it will never be the same for you or your longtime loyal viewers. Make the transition to FOX, get out there, be the funny man you are on stage and the whole world will laugh with you. Retire and cry, and you cry alone. Best advice you will get.

Now, why is Jay being fired from NBC? The big rumor is he made Obama jokes a while back and the installed dictator didn’t like that, so Jeffrey Imelt’s group owned by General Electric applied pressure. Whether that is true or not I don’t know, so I’ll leave you to enjoy some Leno clips. Got info, feel free to weigh in, okay.


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