Nascar 2013 and you got BFD’d

2013 started out with much ado, hype and promotion, after all guys and gals, NASCAR’s here on FOX TV. Excitement builds and the cup races are heating up and oh, Brian France cut another deal cancelling viewership on FOX when summer arrives, or “How he kills the second half of Nascar for public airwave viewing.” By the way, they think this helps promote their national sport. Ha!!!

The problem is the management of the sport by one man, and why is a national sport controlled by one man? Can anyone tell me why I should patronize a sport that gives me and the viewer’s a big middle finger halfway through a season unless we pay a grand a year to get cable? That is NASCAR’s biggest issue. Brian France and his ilk are so desperate to promote it that they snap up whatever business deal comes their way. In this case, they get FOX national network till FOX’s football NFL season kicks in, then they go to cable and a few shows on rival national network ABC and viewers become disenfranchised at that point. Or let us say they become disenFRANCEchised, cause this guy as far as I am concerned, has no real business sense and I’m not the only one who sees this. There are websites roasting this guy across the net. Fans of stockcar racing see what’s happening and they are showing their votes by no longer attending the Nascar events. Think I’m joking? Watch NASCAR on TV and take note at the big races where the stands at most of them remain empty. Each year, there is less and less attendance by the sport’s fans and the reason is that Nascar as a sport continues to overall…die!

Outta sight, outta mind! Hey Brian, did ya ever think maybe of coordinating cup races with networks so viewers over their antennae TV’s could watch them all? Why not have Friday night at the races, no football games running on Friday nights. Maybe Sunday night races to coordinate with a network to show full races on Sundays. Remember the long running ABC “Monday Night Football?” What about “Monday Night NASCAR” huh, what about that? Where is the real effort to grow the sport instead of taking fast bucks for half a season on a national network, then more fast bucks from cable networks at the expense of the fans and the very sport itself. This is very bad for everyone except you, right Brian France. You and the NASCAR heads make out like bandits and all of your fans or a great many get shifted into low gear till the tranny goes bust!

Brian France Screwing Fans!



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    • It is a matter of believing what you are authoring. Writing or authoring work does take a lot of focus and it is in and of itself a very straightforward process. In Sebassh, I try to call it as it really is, not as I want it to be. The world itself is a very grand place and when people aren’t busy screwing it up, a great place too. Unfortunately everyone seems to be jumping into everyone else’s business these days so while it may seem hard or difficult to author topics or comments, it is rather easy, or at least I find it that way.

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