US Govmnt sets up Russia Confrontation, arms Al Qaeda.

Today, the Obama administration set the United States up opposite of Russia for a (right now) indirect confrontation as Russia arms Syria. Further, while the Syrian Rebels pledge to support Al Qaeda, the Obama Administration declaring war on Syria pledges to arm the rebels. Now does anyone else think we need another war? Lets see. While the Republicans under the helm of a stupid drunk…John Boehner and a flip flopping John McRat of Arizona, both selling us down the river faster than turd down the throat of a Hollywood slut. The Republicans as a party have not only proved stupid as Ann Coulter criticized recently in her oped piece and rightfully so. but the Republican Party has proved it is an extension do-nothing group of losers who deserve to disappear for being the traitorous scumbags and stereotype fat old white men they have been labeled. I predict that the Republican Party may get a surge in 2014 if George Soros and others don’t steal the elections. But what Obama has done is to really set this country up for a major fall. He has pitted us against Russia, their nukes and military and Syria offered him the perfect opportunity. He has found a way to directly send arms to our enemies in Al Qaeda. He has transformed government agencies into police-state-tools, purchased billions of rounds of bullets and begun placing light armored vehicles in most cities as fast as possible. All the while, more than half the country live in utter fear of this totalitarian hate-America administration as it makes ready to trash what was a great country.

There is one irony as you are now rapidly losing all of your freedoms and your country and that will be to look those who idolize this new Nazi Party and ask them how that change they can believe in feels as they realize their participation for the useful idiots Vladimir Lenin coined them. So “How’s the change you can believe in now” ya liberal communist scumbags?

Terrorist Government Groups.

IRS – Denied voting to Conservative groups, religious groups other than Islam.

NSA – Trilions of records, they have destroyed the 4th amendment.

FDA – Denies you new cures, benefits big corporations.

DHS – Buying Billions of Hollowpoint Bullets. Buying Light Tanks for you.

BTFA – Against you owning a firearm.

DOE – Education actually re-education camps for your kids. They brainwash them into communism.

ENERGY – Gasoline vehicles abolished.

They are stripping your freedoms and you are worried about J LO, or Football. Shame on you, you are losing your freedom to slavery.

However, if you are a smarter still real American, feel free if you still are an American to add to the list of transformed government agencies that plan to implement tyranny instead of freedom and liberty.


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