Personal for Zack.

So ya blacklisted me in Hollywood aye? How’s it working on your latest production jackwad. Yeah I pm’d you to read this in public. Ya blacklisted me for being conservative, meanwhile your latest big production flick is tanking bigtime on the world scene. It’s so bad that people who steal movies probably won’t even steal this one, not that stealing is good, but it happens. My own stuff is stolen when it first comes out, but the difference Zack is that idiots like you in Hollywood don’t know a good story if it came up and bit you in the ass, but I do author great stories, have been for a very long time and …God willing, will continue.

I told you when you threw it in my face and bragged that your work was low-life crap of the lowest order and the proof is in the box office draw, not just by Americans who despise Hollywood communists like you, but also the crap you put out, because when it gets down to it. People like you Ziggy and Susan, all of you produce losing productions. In your case, you are in it for a fast buck and that is the major difference between you and I. I am an artist and care about my work particularly storytelling. You just go by the numbers, have no insight and put it out, sink or swim. Worse is that you are exactly what I call all of you, which is communists. Many Americans hate and loath Hollywood and the make believe big-mouthed acting talents bashing America while grossing big bucks and a high lifestyle.

See Zack, you say you are not a commie but you are, and the proof is what you believe in. You bad mouth America and free ideas. You are a totalitarian dictator on the production sets and the crew people cannot stand you. Do you remember that day when you had me at the studio. A crew member was behind your back (I will not elaborate so you can blacklist them either) but they gave you the finger behind your back plus a lip-reading expletive which I will repeat here which is you are an asshole. Your own people. The reason this latest big production is tanking is the plot and storytelling mixed with special fx. I wanted to say Zack, have a horrible day and oh, Myer got a link to this as well. I am sure he ain’t happy losing big bucks via you.


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