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You know what I hate about squirrels and other gerbils?

These dirty rotten little bastards have been raping my peach trees as of late.


Every God damned one of them. Instead of taking and eating a peach, they stick their buck teeth into it and then throw it on the ground. That kind of reminds me of what today’s political parties are doing. I do declare, of all the mean spirited things that it takes a season to grow my peaches and these dirty little rotten bastards come onto the property, shake their tails in a jerking motion, make clicking sounds (a sign of their intelligence) and then get to work raping my trees of beautiful, mainly unripened fruit. Kind of like what the political gerbils are doing to the tree of liberty in America. Some run off atop the back wall when they find a ripe peach, others just pick and throw them on the ground and still other gerbils are there to make a real mess of things. Take the dumbass John McRat of Arizona, one of the worst gerbils to ever dawn buck teeth and cheeks filled with political crap. I mean honestly folks, I don’t think I could pick a better back-stabbing traitor to the United States of America then this stooge and rat of the lowest order. Here’s what this gerbil does. Supports drones that can kill you on your soil, signed a government agreement and I might add sneakily, to take you from your home gestapo style, never to be heard from again without trial. Throws a national election and cozies up to commies. Loves and supports “ILLEGAL ALIENS!” Go figure huh! What was in  that rotting political fruit this bastard stole from Americans? Is against marriage of a man and woman. Doesn’t need the border closed, supports Al Qaeda over Israel and our allies and the basket of rotting fruit goes on and on and on with this buck toothed traitor. If it was up to him, Hitler should have conquered Arizona first, after all why not sell your country down the tubes, the sooner the better. And no, I don’t give a rats ass that his aides have got wind of this post…F them all, as far as I’m concerned.

As for the squirrels and other nasty gerbils I found that this stuff works well, even on rats! I have started using it again and am keeping more peaches because of it. Maybe Americans can do the same at election time.

Works best on McRats!


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Tallywhacker Wants to become Governor Putz!

That’s right. Fading Mayor Tallywhacker wants to become a big governor Putz and considering how many voting putzes there are in the Fools Gold State, he may well win. After all if you are a Democrap, why not vote someone whose only claim to fame as mayor of Los Angeles is his big bright smile. In a way…

Dickhead Number One

Dickhead Number One

It really makes sense. What Tallywhacker’s motto should be is “I’ll stiff the state residents like I stiffed Los Angeles residents,” after all, how many tree trimmers are there left to trim trees in Los Angeles? How many potholes got fixed temporarily instead of resurfacing complete boulevards? How many sidewalks are impassible for residents, never mind the handicapped or senior citizens? And you get to the bigger picture. Still, Californians have shifted from the good ol’ days and now you have thugs running the state en masse.

Then again, across the country in a mirror of sorts, New Yorkers have thrust dickhead Weiner into the foreskin of politics to do a major stiffing of New Yorkers. Talk about holding boners over the “heads” of residents in the major cities and states with two of the larger delegates and it all becomes clear.

If the electorate are so stupid in California to elect the loser, former Mayor Tallywhacker, then they deserve the petzel they will get in office.

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Is Leno going to FOX?

Someone asked me my opinion on Jay Leno leaving NBC. If I could give Jay the best advice…goto FOX to their KTTV affiliate, start your show at 11pm and kills the viewers habits for the competition especially J. Fallon. It can easily be done, cut loose and have fun Jay right there on a brand new FOX stage. That is the very best advice I can personally give you. If you quit and just retire, it will never be the same for you or your longtime loyal viewers. Make the transition to FOX, get out there, be the funny man you are on stage and the whole world will laugh with you. Retire and cry, and you cry alone. Best advice you will get.

Now, why is Jay being fired from NBC? The big rumor is he made Obama jokes a while back and the installed dictator didn’t like that, so Jeffrey Imelt’s group owned by General Electric applied pressure. Whether that is true or not I don’t know, so I’ll leave you to enjoy some Leno clips. Got info, feel free to weigh in, okay.

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They Made A Deal…but which one?

It is apparent the Republican Party is being steered to destruction from within. First, all Conservatives are being sidelined or kicked off positions of influence. Religious groups are being shunned as well as anyone conservative. So the left has clearly infiltrated the Republican Party at the top of the Republican Party structure. This would explain why the Republican Party has little to no presence in the California elections with 55 delegates or why they are also very weak in New York. It also explains why they can no longer win national elections.

It is also clear why John Boehner is always crying, because he knows and feels deep down he cannot do anything but go along with the infiltrators destroying his party. Was his family threatened, was he? Was there something else, a reason why he is committing political suicide to keep the party small for decades to come? Why election after election puts up the weakest candidate who makes a first strong showing then falls flat on their political campaign faces only to virtually throw one national election after another to keep Democrats winning and pushing an agenda that tyrannizes the American People as it strips them of their freedoms and into enslavement, perhaps for life?

Can the party even be salvaged or turned around, whereby the Democratic Party is all but shot, can the conservative movement take back the Republican Party?

John Boehner is going to allow illegal ALIENS to stay and be rewarded in the country for starting off breaking our laws coming here. John Boehner is going to keep the border open for terrorists, drug cartels, gangs, cut throats, rapists, murderers, extortionists and other ilk and he is going to reward those who have committed murder in the country along with other politicians to remain and commit more crimes. This is what John Boehner is doing to you, your community, your city, your state and finally your country! So are many other politicians who are bought and sold like the cheap political whores they are.



Oh, and don’t even think of an armed revolution. The feds already have drones flying for you, light tanks in your city and billions of rounds of bullets to kill you should you try to do what happened when King George had taxation without representation. Isn’t that what we have today?

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Nascar 2013 and you got BFD’d

2013 started out with much ado, hype and promotion, after all guys and gals, NASCAR’s here on FOX TV. Excitement builds and the cup races are heating up and oh, Brian France cut another deal cancelling viewership on FOX when summer arrives, or “How he kills the second half of Nascar for public airwave viewing.” By the way, they think this helps promote their national sport. Ha!!!

The problem is the management of the sport by one man, and why is a national sport controlled by one man? Can anyone tell me why I should patronize a sport that gives me and the viewer’s a big middle finger halfway through a season unless we pay a grand a year to get cable? That is NASCAR’s biggest issue. Brian France and his ilk are so desperate to promote it that they snap up whatever business deal comes their way. In this case, they get FOX national network till FOX’s football NFL season kicks in, then they go to cable and a few shows on rival national network ABC and viewers become disenfranchised at that point. Or let us say they become disenFRANCEchised, cause this guy as far as I am concerned, has no real business sense and I’m not the only one who sees this. There are websites roasting this guy across the net. Fans of stockcar racing see what’s happening and they are showing their votes by no longer attending the Nascar events. Think I’m joking? Watch NASCAR on TV and take note at the big races where the stands at most of them remain empty. Each year, there is less and less attendance by the sport’s fans and the reason is that Nascar as a sport continues to overall…die!

Outta sight, outta mind! Hey Brian, did ya ever think maybe of coordinating cup races with networks so viewers over their antennae TV’s could watch them all? Why not have Friday night at the races, no football games running on Friday nights. Maybe Sunday night races to coordinate with a network to show full races on Sundays. Remember the long running ABC “Monday Night Football?” What about “Monday Night NASCAR” huh, what about that? Where is the real effort to grow the sport instead of taking fast bucks for half a season on a national network, then more fast bucks from cable networks at the expense of the fans and the very sport itself. This is very bad for everyone except you, right Brian France. You and the NASCAR heads make out like bandits and all of your fans or a great many get shifted into low gear till the tranny goes bust!

Brian France Screwing Fans!


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US Govmnt sets up Russia Confrontation, arms Al Qaeda.

Today, the Obama administration set the United States up opposite of Russia for a (right now) indirect confrontation as Russia arms Syria. Further, while the Syrian Rebels pledge to support Al Qaeda, the Obama Administration declaring war on Syria pledges to arm the rebels. Now does anyone else think we need another war? Lets see. While the Republicans under the helm of a stupid drunk…John Boehner and a flip flopping John McRat of Arizona, both selling us down the river faster than turd down the throat of a Hollywood slut. The Republicans as a party have not only proved stupid as Ann Coulter criticized recently in her oped piece and rightfully so. but the Republican Party has proved it is an extension do-nothing group of losers who deserve to disappear for being the traitorous scumbags and stereotype fat old white men they have been labeled. I predict that the Republican Party may get a surge in 2014 if George Soros and others don’t steal the elections. But what Obama has done is to really set this country up for a major fall. He has pitted us against Russia, their nukes and military and Syria offered him the perfect opportunity. He has found a way to directly send arms to our enemies in Al Qaeda. He has transformed government agencies into police-state-tools, purchased billions of rounds of bullets and begun placing light armored vehicles in most cities as fast as possible. All the while, more than half the country live in utter fear of this totalitarian hate-America administration as it makes ready to trash what was a great country.

There is one irony as you are now rapidly losing all of your freedoms and your country and that will be to look those who idolize this new Nazi Party and ask them how that change they can believe in feels as they realize their participation for the useful idiots Vladimir Lenin coined them. So “How’s the change you can believe in now” ya liberal communist scumbags?

Terrorist Government Groups.

IRS – Denied voting to Conservative groups, religious groups other than Islam.

NSA – Trilions of records, they have destroyed the 4th amendment.

FDA – Denies you new cures, benefits big corporations.

DHS – Buying Billions of Hollowpoint Bullets. Buying Light Tanks for you.

BTFA – Against you owning a firearm.

DOE – Education actually re-education camps for your kids. They brainwash them into communism.

ENERGY – Gasoline vehicles abolished.

They are stripping your freedoms and you are worried about J LO, or Football. Shame on you, you are losing your freedom to slavery.

However, if you are a smarter still real American, feel free if you still are an American to add to the list of transformed government agencies that plan to implement tyranny instead of freedom and liberty.

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FOX KTTV Morning Tanking Including GDLA.

I have posted numerous posts on the FOX morning lineup and also GDLA and how to fix them. I pointed out what is broken and how to recognize it in my previous posts. I provided structured examples to fix what is flawed. Explained the viewer demographics, and yes FOX, KTTV and Newscorp execs do read these posts and what did KTTV Management do for the morning lineup. They replaced to sexualized hosts and threw blame on them, spent bucks on a new set when the old one worked fine, but what they haven’t done illustrates why I am correct and why they have thus far failed and will continue to fail. Now, as far as replacing the co-hosts for GDLA and the morning news, that would not fix the problem. It goes back to the very basics of “who is your viewers?” And “when are they viewing?” And “why are they viewing your station when they are?” Those are of course the 24K dollar questions and once those can be answered, the issues at hand, the really deep issues at the root of the dropping viewership problem can be solved.

Thus I pointed out why KTTV needs to recognize their audience and the times they are watching and what they should be watching. As for replacing the co-hosts. Jillian Reynolds-Barberie-Waring needed replacement, in fact bless her x-rated soul. I am sure she’ll eventually appear at Playboy before Heff croaks from a twenty year old wife. (What a way to go huh!) 😮

As for Dorothy Lucey, I continue to disagree as to why she claims she was fired, because of her raspy voice. She should not have been fired on that basis. But the sexualized content on public airwaves was of course real reason for termination. On the news department, did we really need Arachnid K doing throat clucking on the TV screen for Steve and the gang? Well at least it’s medically informative. Jean Martirez should have remained as co-anchor next to Tony. As for Maria Sansone, she is a definite breath of fresh air over the “Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-…” that used to occupy that seat though I would have preferred that Lauren Sivan or Gina Silva occupied the seat instead. Both were local and also well adored by many. Lauren with her flawless news delivery and beauty and Gina with her blustery personality and anchor experience were both perfect candidates. As for entertainment we got KaChang’ed by New York by their heavyweight news entertainment anchor Julie Chang. My preference would have been more full time Lisa Breck there but I guess Lisa is content with her current setup and if she is happy, that is all that matters.

Isn’t it interesting that when FOX and KCOP talents vacate those stations they all go over to the enemy camp of KTLA as if KTLA needs them all with waiting arms open. Jillian who stated she parted amicably went to KTLA 5 and then proceeded to badmouth FOX…talk about an anchored slut aye. Good! KTLA needs her for their ratings. Dorothy visited them too. Then you have Elizabeth Espinoza, you know the petite one with the punky guys voice. I actually did say hello to her at the writers strike in Burbank a few years ago just before she left KTTV. She was actually quite rude and sudden to vacate the area. Must have been my big black Stetson and cowboy boots. Remember Rick Garcia with Lauren Sanchez, the multi-talented woman who doesn’t take her TV CaRear too seriously and could have been larger than life if she only did. What a real shame and waste there.

Then KTLA got KTTV’s recent entertainment blond from New York Courtney Friel although I like to think of her more as a Fritos in Nacho Cheese dip. Damned, why did I just make myself hungry? Well, time to grab a bag of Fristos and Nacho Cheese in the jar, kick back and forget about KTTV’s morning news and show much like the rest of Los Angeles public, after all, who needs 6 plus hours of constant news in the morning. 4:30am to 11:am

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