Fox’s Own KTTV Renaissance Woman.

So after watching the Memorial Day news team of ladies the most perfect news team there is, I suddenly thought uhoh, I’ll never be able to live it down. I had of course at this article forgotten “The Fifth Element” and perhaps one of the most important at that. The as always very lovely Heidi S. Cuda, the Renaissance Woman of KTTV and FOX West. Considering her accomplishments and the variety of them, makes her invaluable to any news team. For example, this lovely…

lady is a Producer of shows. Besides being a mom, she is an author and the list goes on quite extensively. Much like the late Steve Allen, Heidi does many things instead of just one or two and for that very reason becomes indispensable as a resource and a very cute one at that!!! 😮

There, now I really stuck my foot in the mud going out on a dried patch. Wait till I try to pull it out. Mud with water acts like quicksand and creates a powerful suction. So in making good where I made bad, let me say that Heidi should be on an all women’s dream news team. Howsabout it Mr. Murdoch, can you make real dreams come true. Christine Devine and Laura Diaz as co-anchors. Liz Habib on sports and weather. Heidi Cuda with the music and entertainment segments and finally the serious and out there articles for the show via Lauren Sivan and Gina Silva. Imagine the powerful line up viewers would be treated to.



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2 responses to “Fox’s Own KTTV Renaissance Woman.

  1. myfoxmystere

    That lineup will leave the competition scrambling for a matchup…the only one who might come close will be KTLA; KABC, KCBS/KCAL & KNBC will be scrambling to beat KTTV’s dream team. KNBC will sink with their old left wing extremist female political commentator… oh my!

    • Well with those five women as a real news team, it would be a daily powerhouse broadcast. I don’t believe though that the KTTV management is smart enough to see what they have here in terms of talent. As far as Carlos, stick the hypocrite on a blogging show of some type. He’s a lousy news anchor IMHO.

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