Two Dickheads in the world. One shrinking away, another popping up.

That’s right. The dumbest mayor in world history is going away, he claims broke and possibly homeless. Let me add for good measure. That’s right. Mayor Tallywhacker, the guy who claims to clean the excrement’s from your toilets thanks to John and Ken’s KFI640 efforts is going bye bye and it honestly couldn’t be soon enough. Tallywhacker is soon to be shrunken from sight, hopefully never to chase another news-shirt across town and that is because of what he has done for Los Angeles… NOTHING!

Dickhead Number One

Dickhead Number One

He came into office and couldn’t wait to triple tax your garbage cans. Then this asshole wanted to plant a million new trees while limbs weighing in excess of 2,000 pounds were falling off of old ones, and where were the city tree trimmers when I had my foot on a fallen tree trunk in the 2007 Front page of the Daily News? Nowhere.

What about Mayor Pothole? What about Mayor Asshole, that’s a better one. Mayor asshole who claimed to fix your streets and roads in Los Angeles by having spot crews fill one pothole at a time helped illustrated further why he is the incompetent, camera smiling, wife cheating asshole that even toilets want to avoid. After all, American Standard Toilets deserve a smartass rather than a dumbass and this guy can’t even sit on that one. He cheated on his wife people. How could you expect him to run a city, the first to second largest (debatable) in the United States of America when he was letting the small head make decisions while converting Los Angeles into little Tijuana for more gang bangers.

Speaking of gang bangers. Dickhead number one has gang tattoos and that helps to speak volumes. I mean just look at how La Raza is setting your foreign policy controlling it in Washington and you can see why Tallywhacker was stiffing the L.A. residents while pushing for Illegal ALIENS to be rewarded in town. In essence, if Tallywhacker stiffed his former wife and kids by being a dishonorable dad and husband, how could be be an honorable mayor? I’ll let you figure that one out. Hence why Los Angeles is going to hell in a piñata.

Speaking of Tallywhacker how about Weiner’s.

Dickhead Number Two

Now in the first case dickhead number one above, the guy just looks stupid, hopefully soon to go back to the gang bangers and disappear. Maybe he’ll clean your toilets.

But looking at the photo of Anthony Weiner above, well, he just looks like uh, err, oh, a weiner. And talk about a high strung politician who is one of the most liberal dickheads stiffing citizens left and right and wherever he could find em with laws that only a real “prick” was capable of authoring. Yeah, he really stiffed the citizens and then he went online with his uh, well you know, his uh… Little Endowed Anthony and then stiffed his wife and her marriage, not to mention his CaRear! In fact, Weiner’s stiffing was so bad, that morning, a talk show host on Good Day LA went wild talking about it, not that she didn’t talk about those in the months leading up to her big CaRear cancellation, I mean, she went wild. Everything was weiners, and she even talked about wieners too and her sex life, as if anyone really cared.

I have to ask, what is it with Weiner that drives the women wild? Well, I guess looking at that photo above it’s the shape of his head (the big one on his shoulders) it mimics the Little Anthony Weiner and his liberal scumbag policies. This is why women that think of themselves in the whoring categories jump on guys like this one, especially when types like Weiner and Tallywhacker stiff their spouses by cheating on em, not to mention sticking it to their citizens in the political offices they swindled by receiving donations and Boners (I meant bonuses) from corrupt groups. And so, one Dickhead is going bye bye, claims he is broke…GOOD! The other Dickhead still luckily has a dedicated wife, but the public doesn’t want him either…GOOD! The more dickheads who expose their CaRear tactics and leave office, never to rise again in anything, the better off everyone is.



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2 responses to “Two Dickheads in the world. One shrinking away, another popping up.

  1. myfoxmystere

    Will “Pickle-Me-Tony” become the new mayor of NYC after the soda nazi Bloomiboi leaves? The 2 Anthony bobsy twins need to get banished forever! Antonio Villaweiner and Anthony Weinervilla are two flashy cheesewienies!

    • They can both disappear as far as I’m concerned. Both are big dickheads who not only screwed their wives by cheating on them, but also screwed the public because that’s about all they are good at doing. Tallywhacker cheated on his wife with another woman, and Weiner whose last name fits that dickhead personally posted nude pics soliciting other women over his small erhmmm.

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