The perfect West Coast News Team

was this evening’s Memorial Day news and they worked flawlessly as an all girl team. I have always said the two very best, top news anchors are Christine Devine and Laura Diaz…bar none. Besides both being pretty ladies they are smart, savvy and warm to viewers easing the pains of bad news and delighting us with grand personalities at home on the anchor desk. It was only a matter of time when the two very best news anchors were side by side and watching the news this evening confirmed my very suspicions. With Liz Habib at weather and sports and the also lovely Lauren Sivan, one of the most perfect delivery vehicles for on-cue precision at her job, the perfect news package to steal viewers from the other networks was there. It couldn’t be more precise nor clear that an all girl team works and works far better than with the guys thrown in. I know that a lot of you female viewers won’t like the guys gone, but on the other hand, tonight’s little landmark team spoke volumes that all women should be proud of.

I had to post this, because dinosaurs like Carlos Amezcua, who first came to FOX and visiting the FOX blogs referring to bloggers of all kinds as clowns and blogging as a circus, today uses Twitter himself and quite frequently. Why? Because he remains a hypocrite in his comments as Twitter is a Microblog, and oh by the way Carlos. Your current Newscorp owner reading this post also blogs at Twitter as well. Is he also a clown, what about you?

Mr. Murdoch, how about a bit of FOX KTTV Executive magic and giving us the real powerful news team that works. Make it a first, honor the ladies and give us Christine Devine, Laura Diaz, Liz Habib and Lauren Sivan, the perfect news storm. Then give Carlos Amezcua a new show called “How to blog your heart out!” Yeah that’ll do it, how about it Mr. Murdoch???



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3 responses to “The perfect West Coast News Team

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  2. myfoxmystere

    The Studio 11 Team was the best lineup yesterday! Now, they could have added Olga Ospina as well and have the top 5 ladies running the show yesterday afternoon, but even the top 4 was great! It was the dream team!

    • That is exactly my point as I told you several days ago. They need to create a new blogging show for The Clown Amezcua to blog on and send that ahole packing as far as I’m concerned. He never apologized to all bloggers for calling them a bunch of clowns and any blogger who reads this should feel the same way, because Carlos thinks you’re a clown too. He needs to look in the microblogging Twitter mirror where he uses Twitter extensively, cause he’s the real clown as far as I’m concerned and no that is my opinion to post on a public entity that posted those comments to the Bloggers.

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