May 2013 Movie Endorsement****.6

I went to a theater and watched Tom Cruise new movie Oblivion. I want to endorse this, not only because the Cruise is a cool dude, no matters how the commies in Tinselturdtown try to batter him over his personal beliefs, but because it is a well written Sci-Fi and oh heck, as a sci-fi author (published) how can I pass that up. Great movie with a great surprise ending and plot twists. It’s a good story structure, and my hats off to its author for setting the plot up the way they did. The characters are a bit shallow but overall not damaging to the story line.

I felt that Morgan Freeman’s part was more hyped then the actual time he put into the flick. Yes he’s a big star these days, but still his roles were more of a cameo then a supporting role status. Just my two cents.

The story is about a guy who is on duty to eliminate alien invaders of Earth. It goes well beyond that as the real truth is revealed towards the end. Lotsa FX, action as you’d expect, but the plot twists keep viewers guessing. My rating out of 5 stars is a 4.6 …Get popcorn or Raisinettes and enjoy a nice flick on a weekend. It shouldn’t disappoint, thanks Tom Cruise, great flick!!!


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