Tallywhacker stiffs city, wants library.


Mayor Tallywhacker soon to be just a Tallywhacker!

Mayor Tallywhacker, the guy who thinks with the small head instead of the smiling one he uses for camera appearances wants a library much like a United States President gets. Talk about the chulupa egos huh, or dare I say chihuahua, no disrespect to the food or dog breeds. Cause this guy who couldn’t manage a marriage, it comes out, now thinks he is so great that he deserves a library. This reminds me of W. Bushes Money guy Paulson in charge of the treasury, gave himself a medal. That’s right, he had a medal minted in his honor. Well, Paulson wasn’t the only one with an ego. Mayor Tallywhacker who didn’t meet a voter he couldn’t stiff plans a library in his dishonor…why??? Okay so he has an ego mixed with lotsa Chutzpah and in July his CaRear goes Hasta La Vista Baby, and hopefully we see this stupid moron in manãna, perhaps not at all, which would be best!

See, here is how you gauge it. Yes the mayor is more or less a figurehead, and the real power belies the city council, another group of clueless morons who couldn’t distinguish between a three dollar bill and toilet paper if their heads could do the math and that is speaking nice of these low-life creeps. However, a mayor is supposed to lead, persuade, suggest, be involved and especially point out to the group of morons what is broken. This guy’s legacy is mainly cenetered around himself, himself and himself and the only thing this stupid mayor can do right is smile for the cameras. Under his dishonor we have seen our streets crumble to below third world conditions, sidewalks broken, tree limbs in excess during summer months of a thousand pounds dropping, because the trees are not trimmed. The city driving business away faster than flies on chit, and that is just getting started if you really want to start tallywhackering it all up. This mayor has been caught taking Dodger tickets and theater seat tickets for bribes, supporting the foreign invasion of the city and elsewhere by ILLEGAL ALIENS against the country’s sovereignty. He still wears gang-banger tatoos as if that is something to endorse. Gangs kill people and other crimes. They are armed thugs the government tolerates while the citizens are being slaughtered and high crimes committed. So when I hear this mayor wants a library, just comes to mind, what about all the libaries that were shut down under his watch while corrupt thugs at the unions delivered less services and sucked L.A.’s monies dry to the point that tax payers are paying for pensions and getting nothing in return. Stick that on shelf one of your library mayor scoundrel. You and the city council are nothing less than that!


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