Hell’s Kitchen continues to Blunder.

Hot on the heels of last weeks dismissal of Dan and this weeks Dismissal of Jacqueline, illustrates misjudgment that for a second season in a row calls Ramsey’s decisions to task. In the case of Dan, he may not have been a complete team player but should not have gone home. Ray should have been the one leaving. Ray has demonstrated issues including raw food consistently per show and Dan did not. It doesn’t just stop there either. Whereby Dan on his final night made a pizza mistake, Ray’s raw meat could pose a much more serious health threat to diners.

For last nights service, Amanda served up raw steaks, uncooked in the center. In addition, Mary should have gone home. She not only didn’t understand orders, but served up a slider with hair in it plus other issues. The Chef holding Jacqueline’s feet to the fire was plain wrong and a second bad call in a week which again brings to question why Ramsey is doing this? Thus some can attain one of several logical answers. He has already chosen who will win the show ( a long shot I must doubt ), He is under pressure for a politically correct agenda of some type (remember last season’s GAY winner, when the competitor male chef was better), or finally Incompetency (also a possibility) A fourth issue comes in that outside sources want a specific winner which again plays towards my first theory.

Who will go home next week? Hard to say, as the teams and the cooks vary greatly, and it isn’t set in stone for anyone at this point. We have seen from past seasons, chefs we thought a shoe-in, end up coming untied and leaving, so it remains to be seen. Time will tell if a theory was correct above, meanwhile sit back and enjoy the curse words and cooking. This is what Hell’s Kitchen is all about.


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