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Fox’s Own KTTV Renaissance Woman.

So after watching the Memorial Day news team of ladies the most perfect news team there is, I suddenly thought uhoh, I’ll never be able to live it down. I had of course at this article forgotten “The Fifth Element” and perhaps one of the most important at that. The as always very lovely Heidi S. Cuda, the Renaissance Woman of KTTV and FOX West. Considering her accomplishments and the variety of them, makes her invaluable to any news team. For example, this lovely…

lady is a Producer of shows. Besides being a mom, she is an author and the list goes on quite extensively. Much like the late Steve Allen, Heidi does many things instead of just one or two and for that very reason becomes indispensable as a resource and a very cute one at that!!! 😮

There, now I really stuck my foot in the mud going out on a dried patch. Wait till I try to pull it out. Mud with water acts like quicksand and creates a powerful suction. So in making good where I made bad, let me say that Heidi should be on an all women’s dream news team. Howsabout it Mr. Murdoch, can you make real dreams come true. Christine Devine and Laura Diaz as co-anchors. Liz Habib on sports and weather. Heidi Cuda with the music and entertainment segments and finally the serious and out there articles for the show via Lauren Sivan and Gina Silva. Imagine the powerful line up viewers would be treated to.



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Christine Devine Eat Yer Fruit Out!

So it is 2013 and last year Christine Devine said she was envious of my fruit orchard. So what has it been growing that I actually enjoy eating or will eat in a fruit salad perhaps or just the free fruit itself. So with no further hadoo…

Two bags of these, fresh, juicy and extremely ripe and sweet…I sampled them already Christine 😀

Katy Apricots!

That was bag number one, wanna see two bags Christine?

There is two bags Christine, howsabout a whole tree limb or two.

Ah heck Christine let’s just make it the whole damned tree!

Can I grow em or what? :p

And while I’m at it crowing over my orchard more photos of stuff growing in the pipeline. (shsssh readers, I’m having fun tormenting Christine’s angst over my small fruit orchard with lotsa fruit 😉 )

Future Giant Fuyu Persimmons.

Golden Delicious Apples, I have other apple’s growing in the orchard as well. About 100 so far on this tree alone.

Santa Barbara Peaches. Ripen by July.

Santa Rosa Plums. They Ripen by late July. Salivating Christine? I love tormenting news people :p when they can’t really taste the fruit.

Hey Christine, How about Bartlett Pears in the central SFV. Tree requires 1200 chilling hours, the central valley got 250 max this season…go figure huh, or is it because I am damned great at this?

Now Christine hangs in Beverly Hills, so surely, she will welcome what is known as the “Rolls Royce” of figs, the tiger striped green and yellow small, bug huge flavor ‘Panache’ fig, yes there is a Rolls or two or three or more at home here in the SFV.

And I didn’t even post thousands of Blue Berries, Ruby Cane Raspberries or Boysenberries.

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The perfect West Coast News Team

was this evening’s Memorial Day news and they worked flawlessly as an all girl team. I have always said the two very best, top news anchors are Christine Devine and Laura Diaz…bar none. Besides both being pretty ladies they are smart, savvy and warm to viewers easing the pains of bad news and delighting us with grand personalities at home on the anchor desk. It was only a matter of time when the two very best news anchors were side by side and watching the news this evening confirmed my very suspicions. With Liz Habib at weather and sports and the also lovely Lauren Sivan, one of the most perfect delivery vehicles for on-cue precision at her job, the perfect news package to steal viewers from the other networks was there. It couldn’t be more precise nor clear that an all girl team works and works far better than with the guys thrown in. I know that a lot of you female viewers won’t like the guys gone, but on the other hand, tonight’s little landmark team spoke volumes that all women should be proud of.

I had to post this, because dinosaurs like Carlos Amezcua, who first came to FOX and visiting the FOX blogs referring to bloggers of all kinds as clowns and blogging as a circus, today uses Twitter himself and quite frequently. Why? Because he remains a hypocrite in his comments as Twitter is a Microblog, and oh by the way Carlos. Your current Newscorp owner reading this post also blogs at Twitter as well. Is he also a clown, what about you?

Mr. Murdoch, how about a bit of FOX KTTV Executive magic and giving us the real powerful news team that works. Make it a first, honor the ladies and give us Christine Devine, Laura Diaz, Liz Habib and Lauren Sivan, the perfect news storm. Then give Carlos Amezcua a new show called “How to blog your heart out!” Yeah that’ll do it, how about it Mr. Murdoch???


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Two Dickheads in the world. One shrinking away, another popping up.

That’s right. The dumbest mayor in world history is going away, he claims broke and possibly homeless. Let me add for good measure. That’s right. Mayor Tallywhacker, the guy who claims to clean the excrement’s from your toilets thanks to John and Ken’s KFI640 efforts is going bye bye and it honestly couldn’t be soon enough. Tallywhacker is soon to be shrunken from sight, hopefully never to chase another news-shirt across town and that is because of what he has done for Los Angeles… NOTHING!

Dickhead Number One

Dickhead Number One

He came into office and couldn’t wait to triple tax your garbage cans. Then this asshole wanted to plant a million new trees while limbs weighing in excess of 2,000 pounds were falling off of old ones, and where were the city tree trimmers when I had my foot on a fallen tree trunk in the 2007 Front page of the Daily News? Nowhere.

What about Mayor Pothole? What about Mayor Asshole, that’s a better one. Mayor asshole who claimed to fix your streets and roads in Los Angeles by having spot crews fill one pothole at a time helped illustrated further why he is the incompetent, camera smiling, wife cheating asshole that even toilets want to avoid. After all, American Standard Toilets deserve a smartass rather than a dumbass and this guy can’t even sit on that one. He cheated on his wife people. How could you expect him to run a city, the first to second largest (debatable) in the United States of America when he was letting the small head make decisions while converting Los Angeles into little Tijuana for more gang bangers.

Speaking of gang bangers. Dickhead number one has gang tattoos and that helps to speak volumes. I mean just look at how La Raza is setting your foreign policy controlling it in Washington and you can see why Tallywhacker was stiffing the L.A. residents while pushing for Illegal ALIENS to be rewarded in town. In essence, if Tallywhacker stiffed his former wife and kids by being a dishonorable dad and husband, how could be be an honorable mayor? I’ll let you figure that one out. Hence why Los Angeles is going to hell in a piñata.

Speaking of Tallywhacker how about Weiner’s.

Dickhead Number Two

Now in the first case dickhead number one above, the guy just looks stupid, hopefully soon to go back to the gang bangers and disappear. Maybe he’ll clean your toilets.

But looking at the photo of Anthony Weiner above, well, he just looks like uh, err, oh, a weiner. And talk about a high strung politician who is one of the most liberal dickheads stiffing citizens left and right and wherever he could find em with laws that only a real “prick” was capable of authoring. Yeah, he really stiffed the citizens and then he went online with his uh, well you know, his uh… Little Endowed Anthony and then stiffed his wife and her marriage, not to mention his CaRear! In fact, Weiner’s stiffing was so bad, that morning, a talk show host on Good Day LA went wild talking about it, not that she didn’t talk about those in the months leading up to her big CaRear cancellation, I mean, she went wild. Everything was weiners, and she even talked about wieners too and her sex life, as if anyone really cared.

I have to ask, what is it with Weiner that drives the women wild? Well, I guess looking at that photo above it’s the shape of his head (the big one on his shoulders) it mimics the Little Anthony Weiner and his liberal scumbag policies. This is why women that think of themselves in the whoring categories jump on guys like this one, especially when types like Weiner and Tallywhacker stiff their spouses by cheating on em, not to mention sticking it to their citizens in the political offices they swindled by receiving donations and Boners (I meant bonuses) from corrupt groups. And so, one Dickhead is going bye bye, claims he is broke…GOOD! The other Dickhead still luckily has a dedicated wife, but the public doesn’t want him either…GOOD! The more dickheads who expose their CaRear tactics and leave office, never to rise again in anything, the better off everyone is.


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May 2013 Movie Endorsement****.6

I went to a theater and watched Tom Cruise new movie Oblivion. I want to endorse this, not only because the Cruise is a cool dude, no matters how the commies in Tinselturdtown try to batter him over his personal beliefs, but because it is a well written Sci-Fi and oh heck, as a sci-fi author (published) how can I pass that up. Great movie with a great surprise ending and plot twists. It’s a good story structure, and my hats off to its author for setting the plot up the way they did. The characters are a bit shallow but overall not damaging to the story line.

I felt that Morgan Freeman’s part was more hyped then the actual time he put into the flick. Yes he’s a big star these days, but still his roles were more of a cameo then a supporting role status. Just my two cents.

The story is about a guy who is on duty to eliminate alien invaders of Earth. It goes well beyond that as the real truth is revealed towards the end. Lotsa FX, action as you’d expect, but the plot twists keep viewers guessing. My rating out of 5 stars is a 4.6 …Get popcorn or Raisinettes and enjoy a nice flick on a weekend. It shouldn’t disappoint, thanks Tom Cruise, great flick!!!

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Tallywhacker stiffs city, wants library.


Mayor Tallywhacker soon to be just a Tallywhacker!

Mayor Tallywhacker, the guy who thinks with the small head instead of the smiling one he uses for camera appearances wants a library much like a United States President gets. Talk about the chulupa egos huh, or dare I say chihuahua, no disrespect to the food or dog breeds. Cause this guy who couldn’t manage a marriage, it comes out, now thinks he is so great that he deserves a library. This reminds me of W. Bushes Money guy Paulson in charge of the treasury, gave himself a medal. That’s right, he had a medal minted in his honor. Well, Paulson wasn’t the only one with an ego. Mayor Tallywhacker who didn’t meet a voter he couldn’t stiff plans a library in his dishonor…why??? Okay so he has an ego mixed with lotsa Chutzpah and in July his CaRear goes Hasta La Vista Baby, and hopefully we see this stupid moron in manãna, perhaps not at all, which would be best!

See, here is how you gauge it. Yes the mayor is more or less a figurehead, and the real power belies the city council, another group of clueless morons who couldn’t distinguish between a three dollar bill and toilet paper if their heads could do the math and that is speaking nice of these low-life creeps. However, a mayor is supposed to lead, persuade, suggest, be involved and especially point out to the group of morons what is broken. This guy’s legacy is mainly cenetered around himself, himself and himself and the only thing this stupid mayor can do right is smile for the cameras. Under his dishonor we have seen our streets crumble to below third world conditions, sidewalks broken, tree limbs in excess during summer months of a thousand pounds dropping, because the trees are not trimmed. The city driving business away faster than flies on chit, and that is just getting started if you really want to start tallywhackering it all up. This mayor has been caught taking Dodger tickets and theater seat tickets for bribes, supporting the foreign invasion of the city and elsewhere by ILLEGAL ALIENS against the country’s sovereignty. He still wears gang-banger tatoos as if that is something to endorse. Gangs kill people and other crimes. They are armed thugs the government tolerates while the citizens are being slaughtered and high crimes committed. So when I hear this mayor wants a library, just comes to mind, what about all the libaries that were shut down under his watch while corrupt thugs at the unions delivered less services and sucked L.A.’s monies dry to the point that tax payers are paying for pensions and getting nothing in return. Stick that on shelf one of your library mayor scoundrel. You and the city council are nothing less than that!

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Dumping Whores, GDLA Made The Right Choice.

I rest my case.

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