What a Hot Riding Day It’s Been.

This morning on my fast E-Trike almost got hit by an older Latino woman who pulls out into the outer street lane, placing her car in front of me. Had to lock up the trike fast, almost hit hit (heart pounding) and what does this south-of-the-border fat slob do, she smiles and waves at me.



So I got back to riding on this beautiful warm summer like day and a guy in a brown SUV paces me, smiles then moves on. He probably could believe a 3 wheel tricycle with pedals could ride so fast and nice. Got to the dog food place Tam’s off of Tampa and Vanowen and was sweating while trying to find the right package of dog food. Got it! Time to head home, chore number one done. On the way back, a Mexican family were in a Chevy Suburban on Saticoy pacing me, the little tots gazing out the window smiling. I rang the bell for them, smiled back, continued on. Then I got to the house, dumped the groceries, gave the dog a beef chew and headed out again for Target in Northridge. Up Balboa with traffic on my left, had a nice one. Target is always fun, they let me pull my E-Trike into the elevator and park it inside next to the service desk. Did the shopping headed back down Balboa towards home and passed several other cyclists on two wheels amazed to hear me whir by them.

So got finished with the shopping chores, now it was time for the real fun this hot day. My Two wheel E-Bike was all charged up and ready to go. Time for the Lake Balboa Park. Headed out down Louise and had a quick trip to the bike path. Waived to the Marines there, they know me by now.



Took the trail by storm and the breeze was perfect. The usual riding till I got near the Balboa Golf Course Parking Lot. Some south-of-the-boulevard Encino Yenta and her hubby in a silver Rav4 pull across the bike path right in front of me as I am able to lock up my breaks, barely avoiding this woman. Her eyes were forward and she didn’t know not to drive across the bike path especially to see if a cyclist is there. Phew!!! Survived hit number two. Continued on as usual around the Sepulveda Basin and by the Woodley Golf Course two fat Russian dudes Boris and Ivan stop me, with “Can you sell your bike.” Uh my reply was sorry, it’s not for sale. See, I built this from scratch folks and it took a lot to get it running and working. Had I asked 5 grand from him, he wouldn’t have paid it anyhow, though with Russians you never know. Anyhow what a day, I dodged the big one twice so I can eat Japanese tonight in Woodland Hills. Have a great weekend everyone and remember to never lose the faith.


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