So What’s It Like Being Famous?


Did I stun all of you? Great. Having known very famous people I am not completely there yet, and honestly I don’t want to be to be quite frank with the person reading this who asked me that question, okay. And why is that? Great question.

As a published author and poet, by the way quite blacklisted in Hollywood, the American traditional publishing industry (dirty rat bastards!) and Wikipedia, I do honors. Damned all of you, I am still selling books all over the place and you all screwed yourselves. That said, fame is what it is. In essence there are many levels of it, not just a one size fits all, but rather many varying degrees of it. In my case I have semi-fame. That is a sort of No-Persons land between not being known and known.

A quick note, any publicity either positive or negative in the long run can always be used by the person for “Fame Gain,” want an example…okay. The late Rodney King comes to mind. He was a thug trying his best to go straight but always seemed to, or a lot of the time, let me rephrase that—get into trouble. Now please, all of you king fans; don’t get on my ass, okay. This blog posting isn’t about that.

So on one hand I have this thing called fame, but not enough to be that well known. Do I care? You bet I do. I relish my privacy, because once it is gone, you never get it back. And if you are famous and up a creek, that is even worse. On one hand, former celebrities have found out the real curse of everybody knowing them and not being able to bask in the limelight anymore and have those big legendary checks that come with the limelight; and while I’m at it, let me tell you, celebs fear fading away. Every one of them I have met, big or small fear fading into nothing, just ask Joanie from ‘Happy Days’ when they evicted her out of her real life home in the high SoCal Desert. She’s not the only one either. As for those legendary big checks, that is what most of them are, legendary for Hollywood’s 90% of acting talents and news talents as well. They just don’t exist. Many TV and supporting movie actors and newspeople are lucky to stave off starvation as long as it lasts. That is a fact. Yeah they get a lump sum for a while, but it is not as much as you think and when it is gone, it’s gone with little to follow. Meanwhile they are famous and don’t get it back. Everywhere there is a camera, they have to hide. They are lucky if they can afford privacy, many cannot.

So to answer your question yes fame has a nice side, and it can also become a living hell, just ask the kid Justin Bieber, he’ll tell you. In my case I like the privacy I have, relish it. On the one hand I have my published titles, a growing following over the years of readers whom I greatly thank for taking time from their valuable lives to engross their eyes upon my work, characters and plots. On the other hand I have enough fame to be known and market my products, so right now it’s nice. Later, well who knows and that is the scoop for you on fame, my friend.


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