Dem plants in Republican party steering RINOS to destruction.

I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is happening and by now, many things are clear. Communists and Islam along with many stupid morons in America who want the government to take care of them for nothing don’t realize they will end up with nothing but a loss of their very freedoms and slavery, because of the Islamo-Commies.

It is apparent and pretty predictable by now that not enough brain dead GWL’s “Guilty White Liberals” (the dumbest idiots on the face of God’s great Earth) have not awakened to the fact they are enslaving themselves and others in misery unless they tow the communist party lines being set up as you read this. The Democratic Party is now completely compromised, gone and in my estimation well beyond repair. What used to praise itself as the party for the common American now is the party for the “Communist” American.

The Republican Party is at a civil war and this is by design folks. They are fighting amongst conservatives versus the fat old white bastards, people like for example John Boehner, and John McChipmunk now better known as John McCrap, and these are the latest communist hugging sellouts that backstab dangerously all Americans.

John McChipmunk

John McCrap

Yes folks, these are a bunch of the remaining dirty rat bastards selling our country into tyranny. The republican’s are now a doomed party because they are destroying their very base, especially conservatives who make up their main base, while capitulating to the Democraps. 2006 showed us how Bush W. laid claim for practicing corrupt socialism while his cronies raided the treasury and even going so far to sell our port security to his Muslim buddies while keeping a flood of illegals coming into the US, including terrorists intent on murdering his fellow citizens. 2008 saw John McCrap do everything he could to usher in a communist dictator with no real American birth right to begin the destruction of the American system and this piece of crap calls himself an honorable war hero. He’s a sellout traitorous piece of crap and nothing more. 2012 Mitt Romney repeated John McRat’s run for office running such a close campaign and cowering as the weak liberal Republican he is, the worst candidate steered into the election by dem operatives. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said they wanted Romney to run. Well, it is obvious besides mass election cheating by communist sympathizers and operatives and a weakest of campaigns, that the Republicans wanted to lose and so I predict it is over by 2014.

Notice that Holder doesn’t state arresting you, rather killing you.

Actions being taken right now within the Republican Party to become more liberal defeat a revival for them, after all, why vote for a wannabe party like the Reps when you can have the real “left-winger” deal with the Dems and so it is apparent the recent purges and suppression within the Republican Party cannot rationally be explained away other than they are almost as compromised as the Dems with commies. So what is to come, want my predictions? Okay let’s do some predicting.

More wars and these will be used for martial law. Obama will stay in power long term. A national police force will be developed. Thanks to John McCrap, you can be kidnapped by the government communist thugs from your home and it can also be missiled by an aerial drone. Unthinkable 5 years ago, the legislation is in place. A massive roundup of your firearms in play, you have no more freedom of speech as determined by the secret service. They can arrest you at anytime, thanks John McCrap for that law as well, you fat traitor. It appears sadly that the old America, the one that had so many jobs that employers fought for you, where most everything said “Made In America” where you could go most places around the world as an American and were well loved. Where Christmas, Easter, Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays meant something. Where the courts had the ten commandments and money said with conviction “In God We Trust,” and atheists were nowhere to be found. Where when you grew up, you were encouraged to be a couple a man and a woman married and create and raise a family. Where an education meant something through hard work and persistence and the businesses valued your expertise and labor. Where a dollar really was money, not printed toilet paper you can wipe your ass with. Where the borders were secured, and immigrants got papers and swore an oath to the country and learned to speak English.

Gone through treason, greed, and tyrannical gestures by the federal government, being used to turn against your freedoms and rebuild the country into an enslaved populace once free and proud. Thank you Republicans for selling us out.


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