Why California and the country are shot as a nation.

It’s the people and a majority of brainwashed, selfish, mean spirited and very stupid people. Don’t believe me, just listen to what this guy tells people in the videos starting with the first one. Then you’ll understand why America is shot as a country. It’s the people!!! That is why California continues to go to hell.

and they don’t know what April 15th is for, stupid morons.

and here are more of the morons dumbed down so far that American’s now take the bag for being the dumbest people on the face of the Earth and I thought Amoebas were the lowest of the dumbest. Now that doesn’t go for everyone, but this guy has just enlightened us as to why California and the country are in major trouble, perhaps permanent.

and here is who helped get us there.

and let’s not forget this classy lady.

and there are more, many more stupid Americans.



From California.

Highway Robbery!

Don’t all of you wish we just had it all simple again like perhaps this…

Too much crap folks, just had to end this blog posting on a more positive note, have a great one 🙂 things do eventually change for the better. Just hard with stupid people.


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