How to kill Darth Vader Bugs.

Yup, that’s what I call these long legged leaf bugs. They sort of remind me of a stealth fighter or a Darth Vader character only in the bug world. I found out they go after the following in my orchard. Plums, White Sapote, all Apple varieties, Oranges, Pears. I heard they really like Almonds but these other crops seem to have been what they are after right now. I have yet to find them in the fig trees. Anyhow let me post this photo of this bug. Also beware, they can squirt and acid fluid from their behinds within about two inches I have found out.

Big Legged Plant Bug – “acanthocephala”

They will try and hide from you if they can. But they do get impatient quickly. So I found out what doesn’t work on them. “Sevin” does not kill them.

But there is a spray that does work, and quite fast as well.


Sprayed them and yup, that’s exactly what they did…Dropped dead! Of course you can always use one of two manual methods such as the grab and squish method while dodging the acid squirts.

Another method is my electric fly swatter. Resembles a tennis racket and when I press the button, snap, they are gone. When they take off, they always seem to flying clockwise off the branch. Thus, shake a branch and hod the swatter to the right. Killed 76 bugs last summer off my apple tree 🙂 and even saved some apples too.


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