Commies Coming Hard and Fast!

Like crap down a swishing toilet, here come the hardcore totalitarian commies taking over one American institution at a time, thrusting one minority group issue after another, threatening wars with other countries instead of just nuking em out of existence and being done with it. Yep, here they come. Today I heard on Rush’s show of a woman claiming the children are the property of the state. Now isn’t that nice. While the U.S. Army claims that Christians are now terrorists, the state wants to take over your kids as property. And here you have America in 2013.

Meanwhile, the world grew smaller with the passing of not only the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, but also Annette Funicello and this is where I’ll go in this commie meltdown. Back to a better past on the Californ “I” “A” beaches where we had a real golden state, not the fools gold crap of today run by Mount Baldy as governor.

Growing up in the older America where traditional values and history meant something, where most of the world respected, rather than hated Americans. Where the almighty buck was the currency everyone wanted, where California was the very place America envied. I got to be here, gain a respect and appreciation of what we had. Why…did you know that in 1972 if you needed a job, the businesses fought over you. If you had a college degree of any kind, you were gold to everyone. Think the Brady Bunch and Leave It To Beaver are fake Hollywood connotations? Think again. Those worlds did exist, maybe not as perfectly, but they were damned close. Americans had jobs, worked hard, they had family, went to church or synagog and enjoyed life on the weekends with a summer barbecue or winter fun fest. Those summers at a lake or ocean beach, the winters playing in the snow or flying a kite. The spring time Easter Egg Hunting (a holiday the commies are banning along with Christmas) the fall celebrating the Autumn Harvest of food and warm cheery times with friends and family.

But there was a period of time many still remember from its youthful core, and the kids that made it what it was. So, while the commies are rapidly dismantling the country as fast as possible and in the planning stages of gulags for those who do not conform, and have been sending tanks to American cities and purchasing billions of rounds of bullets to make you into a commie or kill you, here is a little something of what America was really about when we had liberty and true freedoms and a government that cared about the country’s foundation and well being and especially that of the American Citizen.

His first Easter Egg in 1965

and Easter Eggs today.

and your politicians today.

and now that you just heard this and have seen the past, one last video of where it ends up if you do not surrender your freedom to thugs in power.

Now you know the difference between right and wrong. Good luck, freedom is never free!


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