NBC’s Old Car, FOX’s new Cadillac.

So the network owned by G.E. whose CEO is Obama’s job czar and is shipping U.S. jobs to China and elsewhere faster than flies on a counterclockwise rotating turd in a toilet, didn’t like Jay’s jokes about the anointed one and thus the process of casting out Jay Leno began. It wasn’t just that though. At 62, NBC wanted a younger more hip type of comedienne and so it was time for the highest ratings draw on late night TV to get the walking papers – Fine! Not only my own, but it appears the opinion of a great many viewers of this TV genre that this is a terrible error and I have to agree. I do not believe that NBC will retain the top spot for comedy with Jay gone. The best example is look at their ratings when they tried Conan and while Conan and Jimmy are different, I must ask are they really that different? I don’t believe so.

It is thus my opinion that wherever Jay goes, most of that audience will too. Think of this NBC blunder much like you should the ABC “All My Children” blunder. Look at what happened to the daytime soap slots, they have never been the same. Ratings in the toilet, advertisers had bailed and one of the two show replacements for AMC and OLTL has long ago been canned. ABC lost a built-in, guaranteed audience and the same will happen on NBC in the Tonight Show Slot. The problem is that Jimmy just is not a big draw like Jay is. So who wants a Cadillac?

It’s a natural, that Jay Leno is destined to head to FOX and I think it will work out well too. Right now FOX has been running hot with viewers watching a number of hit shows at night, plus FOX newscasts undercut the other major networks an hour earlier. This means that a Jay Leno night show on FOX at 11PM cuts the other network’s newscasts and also the competition on other late night as Jay will already be on TV a half hour before the NBC Tonight Show airs. These are all facts, not fiction, because it is almost a given that FOX snaps up Jay. The majority of FOX affiliates are just drooling for this and many FOX national execs are as well. Of course it comes down to the heads of Newscorp and the big guy himself that it can happen on the national network. I suspect that Mr. Rupert Murdoch would enjoy the laughs, especially with a Jay Leno at FOX bashing the competition.

and since I want to make you laugh at what is not really a laughing matter, why not ask a swami 😀


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