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What a Hot Riding Day It’s Been.

This morning on my fast E-Trike almost got hit by an older Latino woman who pulls out into the outer street lane, placing her car in front of me. Had to lock up the trike fast, almost hit hit (heart pounding) and what does this south-of-the-border fat slob do, she smiles and waves at me.



So I got back to riding on this beautiful warm summer like day and a guy in a brown SUV paces me, smiles then moves on. He probably could believe a 3 wheel tricycle with pedals could ride so fast and nice. Got to the dog food place Tam’s off of Tampa and Vanowen and was sweating while trying to find the right package of dog food. Got it! Time to head home, chore number one done. On the way back, a Mexican family were in a Chevy Suburban on Saticoy pacing me, the little tots gazing out the window smiling. I rang the bell for them, smiled back, continued on. Then I got to the house, dumped the groceries, gave the dog a beef chew and headed out again for Target in Northridge. Up Balboa with traffic on my left, had a nice one. Target is always fun, they let me pull my E-Trike into the elevator and park it inside next to the service desk. Did the shopping headed back down Balboa towards home and passed several other cyclists on two wheels amazed to hear me whir by them.

So got finished with the shopping chores, now it was time for the real fun this hot day. My Two wheel E-Bike was all charged up and ready to go. Time for the Lake Balboa Park. Headed out down Louise and had a quick trip to the bike path. Waived to the Marines there, they know me by now.



Took the trail by storm and the breeze was perfect. The usual riding till I got near the Balboa Golf Course Parking Lot. Some south-of-the-boulevard Encino Yenta and her hubby in a silver Rav4 pull across the bike path right in front of me as I am able to lock up my breaks, barely avoiding this woman. Her eyes were forward and she didn’t know not to drive across the bike path especially to see if a cyclist is there. Phew!!! Survived hit number two. Continued on as usual around the Sepulveda Basin and by the Woodley Golf Course two fat Russian dudes Boris and Ivan stop me, with “Can you sell your bike.” Uh my reply was sorry, it’s not for sale. See, I built this from scratch folks and it took a lot to get it running and working. Had I asked 5 grand from him, he wouldn’t have paid it anyhow, though with Russians you never know. Anyhow what a day, I dodged the big one twice so I can eat Japanese tonight in Woodland Hills. Have a great weekend everyone and remember to never lose the faith.


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So What’s It Like Being Famous?


Did I stun all of you? Great. Having known very famous people I am not completely there yet, and honestly I don’t want to be to be quite frank with the person reading this who asked me that question, okay. And why is that? Great question.

As a published author and poet, by the way quite blacklisted in Hollywood, the American traditional publishing industry (dirty rat bastards!) and Wikipedia, I do honors. Damned all of you, I am still selling books all over the place and you all screwed yourselves. That said, fame is what it is. In essence there are many levels of it, not just a one size fits all, but rather many varying degrees of it. In my case I have semi-fame. That is a sort of No-Persons land between not being known and known.

A quick note, any publicity either positive or negative in the long run can always be used by the person for “Fame Gain,” want an example…okay. The late Rodney King comes to mind. He was a thug trying his best to go straight but always seemed to, or a lot of the time, let me rephrase that—get into trouble. Now please, all of you king fans; don’t get on my ass, okay. This blog posting isn’t about that.

So on one hand I have this thing called fame, but not enough to be that well known. Do I care? You bet I do. I relish my privacy, because once it is gone, you never get it back. And if you are famous and up a creek, that is even worse. On one hand, former celebrities have found out the real curse of everybody knowing them and not being able to bask in the limelight anymore and have those big legendary checks that come with the limelight; and while I’m at it, let me tell you, celebs fear fading away. Every one of them I have met, big or small fear fading into nothing, just ask Joanie from ‘Happy Days’ when they evicted her out of her real life home in the high SoCal Desert. She’s not the only one either. As for those legendary big checks, that is what most of them are, legendary for Hollywood’s 90% of acting talents and news talents as well. They just don’t exist. Many TV and supporting movie actors and newspeople are lucky to stave off starvation as long as it lasts. That is a fact. Yeah they get a lump sum for a while, but it is not as much as you think and when it is gone, it’s gone with little to follow. Meanwhile they are famous and don’t get it back. Everywhere there is a camera, they have to hide. They are lucky if they can afford privacy, many cannot.

So to answer your question yes fame has a nice side, and it can also become a living hell, just ask the kid Justin Bieber, he’ll tell you. In my case I like the privacy I have, relish it. On the one hand I have my published titles, a growing following over the years of readers whom I greatly thank for taking time from their valuable lives to engross their eyes upon my work, characters and plots. On the other hand I have enough fame to be known and market my products, so right now it’s nice. Later, well who knows and that is the scoop for you on fame, my friend.

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Opposing Blasts From The Past

No, I’m not talking about farts here. Instead I decided to take a quick gander at what GDLA’s former co-hostesses are doing and wow, what a difference. Now Dorothy Lucey has moved on with a more dignified life it seems from her social media posts. Church work, being a mom, taking care of her family, doing charity work to help others. I am glad to see her going in that direction. I hope it brings her back to God from where she had strayed those many recent mornings on FOX’s KTTV “Good Day L.A.” show. Seriously, I am pulling for Dorothy, no joking here.

On the other hand, Misses Jillian Reynolds. She got divorced from her husband, the guy with the real gun breaking into their home and doing a mock rape which she loved. What does that say for being family oriented and worse, for the well being of her children without two parents to love and guide them together? Well in this case it remains to be seen. I suppose going on Howard Stern’s show and talking about one’s anatomy and how they do oral on other acting talents didn’t help. Nor getting on TV, dressing like a whore many mornings and relishing the slut image. More recently to show how very bitter this person is, they tweet that they want viewers to watch KTLA, don’t watch GDLA. That doesn’t sound like someone who quit to pursue their CaRear. Instead it sounds like someone who got their CaRear canned faster than Charlotte Tuna in a canning factory. Talk about stinking fish outta water—huh.

See, here’s the gig. While FOX and KTTV management refuse to realign their show times on the morning dockets of viewership types, GDLA is more or less working with the two new co-hosts. Maria Sansone, what can I say. A really serious breath of fresh air, and Julie Chang when not acting too wacky with Lucyisms, is also working out for the better. So poo pooing GDLA Jillian…doesn’t make the difference. Yeah your viewers left, great! But your postings bespeak volumes of what you are really feeling below the mental hood, and I would have to say deep anger at this time. It’s not so easy to get a show to drop one plus a divorce all at the same time with a fading CaRear and if you think the “C” cups will carry, think again. Like old CaRears, they eventually sag as well. Sadly, you and Dorothy were a part of a bigger problem and while both of you left GDLA, my point is that KTTV has a bigger issue with its morning showtime and line up. I would also argue so does KTLA, the rival channel in L.A.  As I have posted, the viewers split into two distinct categories based on the morning time and without addressing that, ratings will always suffer no matters who gets replaced.

However, getting mean and nasty as your FOX contracts dried up and bemoaning KTTV makes you seem much smaller than you already got through those horrendous morning actions and will continue to shrink your CaRear. When you laugh, the whole worlds laughs with you and when you cry, you cry alone. An old saying but so very true. While you have moved on hocking weight loss products (as if there aren’t enough diet products on the market already) and while you have some bit acting roles, truth unbeknownst that bemoaning the former employer speaks volumes of what really happened, no matters how you candy coated your exit. You may have fooled your brain-dead followers, but the rest of us see you for what you are through your actions.

And finally. Just glad that Lisa Breckenridge is okay and doing well, always a sentimental favorite  for just being an angel online all these years 😀 and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Dem plants in Republican party steering RINOS to destruction.

I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is happening and by now, many things are clear. Communists and Islam along with many stupid morons in America who want the government to take care of them for nothing don’t realize they will end up with nothing but a loss of their very freedoms and slavery, because of the Islamo-Commies.

It is apparent and pretty predictable by now that not enough brain dead GWL’s “Guilty White Liberals” (the dumbest idiots on the face of God’s great Earth) have not awakened to the fact they are enslaving themselves and others in misery unless they tow the communist party lines being set up as you read this. The Democratic Party is now completely compromised, gone and in my estimation well beyond repair. What used to praise itself as the party for the common American now is the party for the “Communist” American.

The Republican Party is at a civil war and this is by design folks. They are fighting amongst conservatives versus the fat old white bastards, people like for example John Boehner, and John McChipmunk now better known as John McCrap, and these are the latest communist hugging sellouts that backstab dangerously all Americans.

John McChipmunk

John McCrap

Yes folks, these are a bunch of the remaining dirty rat bastards selling our country into tyranny. The republican’s are now a doomed party because they are destroying their very base, especially conservatives who make up their main base, while capitulating to the Democraps. 2006 showed us how Bush W. laid claim for practicing corrupt socialism while his cronies raided the treasury and even going so far to sell our port security to his Muslim buddies while keeping a flood of illegals coming into the US, including terrorists intent on murdering his fellow citizens. 2008 saw John McCrap do everything he could to usher in a communist dictator with no real American birth right to begin the destruction of the American system and this piece of crap calls himself an honorable war hero. He’s a sellout traitorous piece of crap and nothing more. 2012 Mitt Romney repeated John McRat’s run for office running such a close campaign and cowering as the weak liberal Republican he is, the worst candidate steered into the election by dem operatives. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said they wanted Romney to run. Well, it is obvious besides mass election cheating by communist sympathizers and operatives and a weakest of campaigns, that the Republicans wanted to lose and so I predict it is over by 2014.

Notice that Holder doesn’t state arresting you, rather killing you.

Actions being taken right now within the Republican Party to become more liberal defeat a revival for them, after all, why vote for a wannabe party like the Reps when you can have the real “left-winger” deal with the Dems and so it is apparent the recent purges and suppression within the Republican Party cannot rationally be explained away other than they are almost as compromised as the Dems with commies. So what is to come, want my predictions? Okay let’s do some predicting.

More wars and these will be used for martial law. Obama will stay in power long term. A national police force will be developed. Thanks to John McCrap, you can be kidnapped by the government communist thugs from your home and it can also be missiled by an aerial drone. Unthinkable 5 years ago, the legislation is in place. A massive roundup of your firearms in play, you have no more freedom of speech as determined by the secret service. They can arrest you at anytime, thanks John McCrap for that law as well, you fat traitor. It appears sadly that the old America, the one that had so many jobs that employers fought for you, where most everything said “Made In America” where you could go most places around the world as an American and were well loved. Where Christmas, Easter, Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays meant something. Where the courts had the ten commandments and money said with conviction “In God We Trust,” and atheists were nowhere to be found. Where when you grew up, you were encouraged to be a couple a man and a woman married and create and raise a family. Where an education meant something through hard work and persistence and the businesses valued your expertise and labor. Where a dollar really was money, not printed toilet paper you can wipe your ass with. Where the borders were secured, and immigrants got papers and swore an oath to the country and learned to speak English.

Gone through treason, greed, and tyrannical gestures by the federal government, being used to turn against your freedoms and rebuild the country into an enslaved populace once free and proud. Thank you Republicans for selling us out.

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How to kill Darth Vader Bugs.

Yup, that’s what I call these long legged leaf bugs. They sort of remind me of a stealth fighter or a Darth Vader character only in the bug world. I found out they go after the following in my orchard. Plums, White Sapote, all Apple varieties, Oranges, Pears. I heard they really like Almonds but these other crops seem to have been what they are after right now. I have yet to find them in the fig trees. Anyhow let me post this photo of this bug. Also beware, they can squirt and acid fluid from their behinds within about two inches I have found out.

Big Legged Plant Bug – “acanthocephala”

They will try and hide from you if they can. But they do get impatient quickly. So I found out what doesn’t work on them. “Sevin” does not kill them.

But there is a spray that does work, and quite fast as well.


Sprayed them and yup, that’s exactly what they did…Dropped dead! Of course you can always use one of two manual methods such as the grab and squish method while dodging the acid squirts.

Another method is my electric fly swatter. Resembles a tennis racket and when I press the button, snap, they are gone. When they take off, they always seem to flying clockwise off the branch. Thus, shake a branch and hod the swatter to the right. Killed 76 bugs last summer off my apple tree 🙂 and even saved some apples too.

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Why California and the country are shot as a nation.

It’s the people and a majority of brainwashed, selfish, mean spirited and very stupid people. Don’t believe me, just listen to what this guy tells people in the videos starting with the first one. Then you’ll understand why America is shot as a country. It’s the people!!! That is why California continues to go to hell.

and they don’t know what April 15th is for, stupid morons.

and here are more of the morons dumbed down so far that American’s now take the bag for being the dumbest people on the face of the Earth and I thought Amoebas were the lowest of the dumbest. Now that doesn’t go for everyone, but this guy has just enlightened us as to why California and the country are in major trouble, perhaps permanent.

and here is who helped get us there.

and let’s not forget this classy lady.

and there are more, many more stupid Americans.



From California.

Highway Robbery!

Don’t all of you wish we just had it all simple again like perhaps this…

Too much crap folks, just had to end this blog posting on a more positive note, have a great one 🙂 things do eventually change for the better. Just hard with stupid people.

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Commies Coming Hard and Fast!

Like crap down a swishing toilet, here come the hardcore totalitarian commies taking over one American institution at a time, thrusting one minority group issue after another, threatening wars with other countries instead of just nuking em out of existence and being done with it. Yep, here they come. Today I heard on Rush’s show of a woman claiming the children are the property of the state. Now isn’t that nice. While the U.S. Army claims that Christians are now terrorists, the state wants to take over your kids as property. And here you have America in 2013.

Meanwhile, the world grew smaller with the passing of not only the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, but also Annette Funicello and this is where I’ll go in this commie meltdown. Back to a better past on the Californ “I” “A” beaches where we had a real golden state, not the fools gold crap of today run by Mount Baldy as governor.

Growing up in the older America where traditional values and history meant something, where most of the world respected, rather than hated Americans. Where the almighty buck was the currency everyone wanted, where California was the very place America envied. I got to be here, gain a respect and appreciation of what we had. Why…did you know that in 1972 if you needed a job, the businesses fought over you. If you had a college degree of any kind, you were gold to everyone. Think the Brady Bunch and Leave It To Beaver are fake Hollywood connotations? Think again. Those worlds did exist, maybe not as perfectly, but they were damned close. Americans had jobs, worked hard, they had family, went to church or synagog and enjoyed life on the weekends with a summer barbecue or winter fun fest. Those summers at a lake or ocean beach, the winters playing in the snow or flying a kite. The spring time Easter Egg Hunting (a holiday the commies are banning along with Christmas) the fall celebrating the Autumn Harvest of food and warm cheery times with friends and family.

But there was a period of time many still remember from its youthful core, and the kids that made it what it was. So, while the commies are rapidly dismantling the country as fast as possible and in the planning stages of gulags for those who do not conform, and have been sending tanks to American cities and purchasing billions of rounds of bullets to make you into a commie or kill you, here is a little something of what America was really about when we had liberty and true freedoms and a government that cared about the country’s foundation and well being and especially that of the American Citizen.

His first Easter Egg in 1965

and Easter Eggs today.

and your politicians today.

and now that you just heard this and have seen the past, one last video of where it ends up if you do not surrender your freedom to thugs in power.

Now you know the difference between right and wrong. Good luck, freedom is never free!

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