You cannot threaten anyone!

Let me be clear about this. You have the freedom to vent on public figures including celebrities, sports and news figures, but you cannot threaten anyone. I often criticize politically and celebs or news people as they have a higher than normal public profile. But you will notice I make an example by never threatening to hurt, Mame or kill someone. That always crosses the line. You have a right to free speech, but when you threaten physical harm to some one directly, you are crossing a line.

Yes there are bad people in the system doing very bad and greedy things to the populace. Yes there are scumbag celebrities that through their actions are committing sedition at the very least and perhaps treason by endorsing enemas of the United States. They can all go stick those up their ass for all I care. But there is a difference in saying you hope the rotten son-of-a-bitch croaks and saying you are “going to kill someone” can’t do it. You can’t threaten anyone with harm. If you do, you open yourself to criminal activity that not only attracts the feds but also can get you arrested by local police too. I just wanted to clarify that folks. Calling someone a name like DIEane versus saying you want to kill someone is a very different thing here. Hope this clarifies my position to those now said to be seriously reading and monitoring my blogs as I post them.


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