Proudly A Birther.

I have never denied I am proudly a Birther. I was born in the United States, am proudly a citizen and have a “REAL” birth certificate to prove it. I love my country of America and my novels prove it. There is always some American in them. I would like to think the President of the United States is an American, but unfortunately, it seems his proclamation of his birth certificate is quickly leading to something much darker, manufactured for deception and quite evil in its nature. The proof is rapidly mounting that Barak “HUSSEIN” Obama is not a citizen of this country but rather a foreign entity installed for the purpose of dismantling this society or changing it into something hostile to the original constitution and the citizenry as they have existed from the beginning.

I think this is beginning to say it all. This video as noted was posted on March 17th and continues to highlight what professional investigators have begun uncovering.

And what exactly or is it what do they want?

and here is what will happen courtesy the Democratic Party of the United States of America.

Today’s commie-islamo-nazis are the Democratic Party.


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