Inga Edulis Survives 3rd sub freezing Winter

It appears that the Vanilla Ice Cream Bean Tree has as a small 3 year old tree survived 23 Fahrenheit degree weather. It has been theorized it cannot survive the cold but new leaves show it is doing well, no cutback required. I have found it grows very well with a 0-10-10 All purpose fertilizer. I have also found that it likes the 7-4-2 Fruit Tree fertilizer by Dr. Earth. Someone in my fruit growers group once said that Dr. Earth’s stuff was tops but expensive. In his words, “It’s good shit!” He wasn’t joking about that.

The Inga Edulis is also a very beautiful tree. It has great blossoms, but must be kept responsibly. The pods have pre-germinated seeds in them already to grow as soon as they hit the soil. In the Los Angeles area and SoCal in general, I have found there is a tremendous call for this tree. A sparse amount of backyard fruit growers have them, so it makes sense people are searching for this.


One recipe for this is the following as a dessert. Cut the pod open and take the cotton like material which is what you want.

Remember others want the seeds and they will keep out of the pod for about a week if kept dry and cool. That means it might be possible to sell them locally so others can grow this great tree.

Once you have scraped the cotton like material from a cracked open pod, stick it in a freezer bag. Let the stuff freeze completely. Once this occurs, take it out and onto a cookie sheet with a roller pin. Lay it out and roll it flat. Cut the pieces into squares and stick a toothpick in the squares.

The final part is to make sure to have a bottle of this. Ice Cream cover that stiffens on ice cream instantly.

This is what it looks like on Ice Cream after being poured. Many flavors available too.

Pour it on the squares and re-freeze them with the tooth pick in them. A delicious snack that resembles chocolate covered banana and fights cancer too!


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