DIEane NotSoFeinstein Bends Over For Political “Squirtgun” Enema

I don’t think this woman’s facial cheeks can hold more crap than what she has created for her political CaRear trying to register every American who exercises their right to bear arms. She might have been better off sticking a squirt gun up her ass and giving herself a fresh enema. Honestly, is this lady so grandiose like the idiot Mayor in NYC who likes to ban sodas that they both give Jews like me a bad name? Look at these two. You wonder why people hate Jews and these along with Bra Bra Boxah and Georgie Boy Soros all are hurting the rest of the Jews. True, that Jews vote for Democrats in large numbers, even when Democrats are bending them over for more of their freedoms and tax money. Same goes for Blacks, Latinos, Gays and finally, the “STUPID” white liberals. Today, DIEane NotSoFeinstein, a woman who should be serving serious jail time for being a criminal thug with her husband, but got a free pass from the Beltway crowd, got it handed to her and justifiably so. Her need to ban rifles that look a certain way, her need to remove the freedom of choice (just ask New Yorkers who like big sodas), her need to have your name registered on a government list like the criminal she is and you are not was trounced by her own political party. Nothing can say more, but Hairy Reed ( a scary reed with atomic contamination from the Nevadan desert )

Hairy Reed of the Senate

Had decided not to include her outrageous legislation. Does that mean that freedom is in jeopardy? Yes, they are not stopping here, they will continue. But enough people recognize that bills authorized by crappy and insane  people like this…

Can still be stopped if we all stand together. Maybe one day, this crap-faced thing will end up in a jail cell.


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One response to “DIEane NotSoFeinstein Bends Over For Political “Squirtgun” Enema

  1. It appears the Senators from her own party disliked her communist totalitarian push. They axed her portion of their gun ban march. Couldn’t of happened to a worse piece o-crap senator.

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