Mach Schnell Cucamonga Ramsay yells back!

So it is 2013 and Chef Ramsay is back in another Hell’s Kitchen. Unfortunately the show enters the new season with a very dark mark upon it. Last season, a lesbian was awarded as the winner even though the other chef a white male was better qualified and in the opinion of many beside myself, should have won. It seems to me clearly obvious that there was great pressure to be politically correct and award a gay person as the winner. The reason I get to the crux of this issue is that the lesbian showed very poor judgment in the later parts of the season where as the white male chef did not. His cooking was better, palate was better, he had less issues with Gordon Ramsay and he had a better command of the kitchen as leadership yet a lesbian was awarded because she is gay and in my eyes since this is mainly my opinion as a long time viewer, it was a fixed outcome. Usually when I see this, I stop watching stuff because I believe someone should win on their merits and to be quite honest not just myself, but dismissing the black girl then promoting a lesbian for being gay as the winner lowered greatly, Chef Ramsey in our eyes. I wonder how he felt?


So the new season of Hell’s Kitchen starts with the cursing and oh, the expression as the Chef yells get out, translating to “Mach Schnell Cucamonga” why? Because Mach Schnell means move fast and Cucamonga is away from L.A. and it will be interesting to see if the series can rebound from the serious damage it was awarded along with being politically correct against a real winner.


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