Little Gina Silva

So the other day I was talking with a stranger at a market and we got to talking somehow about the newscasters and I mentioned some names of people I really admire, Gina Silva came up. So right away he comments she’s short and says “LITTLE” Gina Silva. I got a bit hot under the collar because as I explained she is actually not little at all. Now of course he probably meant her physical height, but honestly, Gina is a giant giant giant in my eyes because she has done many great things with her life. Not only that, she also has tried to help others through her work. She as of late has taken many very dangerous assignments including people threatening her life, all to bring to the public awareness, frauds and crimes. I don’t know too many folks who would do that. In addition besides being a very pretty lady, she is quite brilliant as well. Her talents include some modeling and also anchoring.

So honestly, Gina Silva as I continued explaining to this person is actually quite a giant in my eyes and the eyes of millions of others as well.

Now for my non Gina Silva part of this. STEVE……..GDLA remains BROKEN!

The execs need to fix other things I have posted but GDLA is tanking and will continue to tank because the hosts do not make the show. Timing, ratings and understanding the viewers who tie in with those two is what does. The FOX execs continue to ignore this on a formula plan that doesn’t work. In a sense I am miffed at why high paid executives are trying to do it on the cheap by switching the co-hosts but leaving the format of almost 5 hours of morning news. GDLA was meant to be an entertainment show not a news show and having it be mainly news really is at the heart of 50% of the problem. The other 50% is the show and preceding news time slots which I have gone over as well. It is fixable but eventually will end with the cancellation of the GDLA segment show and perhaps other venues.


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  1. I would love to meet Gina. She seems like a really classy lady. A true beauty!

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