Cluck cluck cluck…Sounds like Google via the throat.

Not to worry Araksya, your clucking is actually better than the news, because it isn’t depressing and the wacky weather, I prefer a cluck…cluck…cluck to that as well. I mean what can go wrong. To me it is like yada, yada, yada on Seinfeld. Then there is Maria Sansone slowly being indoctrinated into the slutty hall of fame by none other than KaChang! That’s right. Is Julie Chang becoming the new Dorothy Lucey? Well it sure looks that way. There is the Arnold and her cleavage routine, yes we saw that too Julie. What were you expecting the “Failurenator” to do after cheating on his wife? Think about it, he entered as the Terminator, became the Governator, then the state’s wacky libs got hold of him with their lunacy policies and turned him into the Nothingnator. Then he cheated on his wife and turned into the Cheaternator and finally left office in disgrace and became the Nothingnator. So were you expecting him to stare at your eyes while you foisted cleavage at him, of course not. This guy was going to stare and so as you made a big deal of your cleavage Julie, so did millions of viewers many of them experiencing your revival of Luceyisms, as if they didn’t have years of that. To top it all off Julie, you then roll your eyes, throw your hands up excited like a celery stick on steroids, days later corrupt Maria Sansone with talk about “My Boobs” from the Hollywood “Drop-Dead, Pat-themselves-on-the-back-awards” as if we the viewers needed to see and hear the filth of Hollywood again.

Then the black widow Arachid Karapeteyan comes in with kiddie throat clucking noises and says to the cameraman repeatedly “DO NOT” put this on TV. Uh Araksya, anything that goes on camera eventually ends up on TV or film somehow. You had to know kiddo that when this is filmed it will go on, especially on a whacked out show like GDLA, the airwaves to millions of viewers. So are you better off doing the news and weather with throat clucking considering how depressing they are these days? Let’s check it out.

Happy Birthday Julie Chang 😉 KaChang!!!


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