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McChipmunk at it again.

And you wonder why people hate gerbils.

John McChipmunk

John McChipmunk

This rodent is busy building his nest and now endorses expanded background checks. Think of him nothing short as being a Nazi with Buck-Teeth on the prarie. Love McChipmunk, then weigh in, feel free to comment on this traitor!


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You cannot threaten anyone!

Let me be clear about this. You have the freedom to vent on public figures including celebrities, sports and news figures, but you cannot threaten anyone. I often criticize politically and celebs or news people as they have a higher than normal public profile. But you will notice I make an example by never threatening to hurt, Mame or kill someone. That always crosses the line. You have a right to free speech, but when you threaten physical harm to some one directly, you are crossing a line.

Yes there are bad people in the system doing very bad and greedy things to the populace. Yes there are scumbag celebrities that through their actions are committing sedition at the very least and perhaps treason by endorsing enemas of the United States. They can all go stick those up their ass for all I care. But there is a difference in saying you hope the rotten son-of-a-bitch croaks and saying you are “going to kill someone” can’t do it. You can’t threaten anyone with harm. If you do, you open yourself to criminal activity that not only attracts the feds but also can get you arrested by local police too. I just wanted to clarify that folks. Calling someone a name like DIEane versus saying you want to kill someone is a very different thing here. Hope this clarifies my position to those now said to be seriously reading and monitoring my blogs as I post them.

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Proudly A Birther.

I have never denied I am proudly a Birther. I was born in the United States, am proudly a citizen and have a “REAL” birth certificate to prove it. I love my country of America and my novels prove it. There is always some American in them. I would like to think the President of the United States is an American, but unfortunately, it seems his proclamation of his birth certificate is quickly leading to something much darker, manufactured for deception and quite evil in its nature. The proof is rapidly mounting that Barak “HUSSEIN” Obama is not a citizen of this country but rather a foreign entity installed for the purpose of dismantling this society or changing it into something hostile to the original constitution and the citizenry as they have existed from the beginning.

I think this is beginning to say it all. This video as noted was posted on March 17th and continues to highlight what professional investigators have begun uncovering.

And what exactly or is it what do they want?

and here is what will happen courtesy the Democratic Party of the United States of America.

Today’s commie-islamo-nazis are the Democratic Party.

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Lets Talk Trains

So California wants to build a RailRoad for high speed trains. They are going to have to level land, bulldoze communities, hundreds of family farms that provide food to Californians and the rest of the country and they are doing it up the 99 or central valley instead of the I-5 corridor. According to some not so recent stats the cost per foot of rail in Montana in 1995 is at $66 dollars a foot. Remember the year and location. Discount the leveling of land, building losses, family and commercial farm losses and the economic suffering.

Now let us talk Monorail (elevated slightly). The initial costs of the monorail are more than actual railroad costs, but the benefits are a Maglev system capable of around 300 mph. The Maglev system would mean trains elevated running north and south across California and going between Los Angeles Downtown and San Francisco Downtown (respectively 382 miles point to point) within about 90 minutes or less. This means that someone living in Los Angeles can for extended drive time to downtown from Simi Valley with heavy traffic work in San Francisco and return home by mid evening from work. The costs of rail up the 99 plus the numerous stops across the San Joaquin Valley may actually seem cheaper at the onset, but it is a much worse system that requires a lot more destruction and displacement to get started. Also there is a higher chance of derailment on rail as opposed to monorail maglev systems. So what exactly is a maglev and how does it work?

Now let us look at standard high speed rail. You know, the types that California wants for you at a high rate. Enjoy!

And there you have it. Can’t state government do anything right?

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DIEane NotSoFeinstein Bends Over For Political “Squirtgun” Enema

I don’t think this woman’s facial cheeks can hold more crap than what she has created for her political CaRear trying to register every American who exercises their right to bear arms. She might have been better off sticking a squirt gun up her ass and giving herself a fresh enema. Honestly, is this lady so grandiose like the idiot Mayor in NYC who likes to ban sodas that they both give Jews like me a bad name? Look at these two. You wonder why people hate Jews and these along with Bra Bra Boxah and Georgie Boy Soros all are hurting the rest of the Jews. True, that Jews vote for Democrats in large numbers, even when Democrats are bending them over for more of their freedoms and tax money. Same goes for Blacks, Latinos, Gays and finally, the “STUPID” white liberals. Today, DIEane NotSoFeinstein, a woman who should be serving serious jail time for being a criminal thug with her husband, but got a free pass from the Beltway crowd, got it handed to her and justifiably so. Her need to ban rifles that look a certain way, her need to remove the freedom of choice (just ask New Yorkers who like big sodas), her need to have your name registered on a government list like the criminal she is and you are not was trounced by her own political party. Nothing can say more, but Hairy Reed ( a scary reed with atomic contamination from the Nevadan desert )

Hairy Reed of the Senate

Had decided not to include her outrageous legislation. Does that mean that freedom is in jeopardy? Yes, they are not stopping here, they will continue. But enough people recognize that bills authorized by crappy and insane¬† people like this…

Can still be stopped if we all stand together. Maybe one day, this crap-faced thing will end up in a jail cell.

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Inga Edulis Survives 3rd sub freezing Winter

It appears that the Vanilla Ice Cream Bean Tree has as a small 3 year old tree survived 23 Fahrenheit degree weather. It has been theorized it cannot survive the cold but new leaves show it is doing well, no cutback required. I have found it grows very well with a 0-10-10 All purpose fertilizer. I have also found that it likes the 7-4-2 Fruit Tree fertilizer by Dr. Earth. Someone in my fruit growers group once said that Dr. Earth’s stuff was tops but expensive. In his words, “It’s good shit!” He wasn’t joking about that.

The Inga Edulis is also a very beautiful tree. It has great blossoms, but must be kept responsibly. The pods have pre-germinated seeds in them already to grow as soon as they hit the soil. In the Los Angeles area and SoCal in general, I have found there is a tremendous call for this tree. A sparse amount of backyard fruit growers have them, so it makes sense people are searching for this.


One recipe for this is the following as a dessert. Cut the pod open and take the cotton like material which is what you want.

Remember others want the seeds and they will keep out of the pod for about a week if kept dry and cool. That means it might be possible to sell them locally so others can grow this great tree.

Once you have scraped the cotton like material from a cracked open pod, stick it in a freezer bag. Let the stuff freeze completely. Once this occurs, take it out and onto a cookie sheet with a roller pin. Lay it out and roll it flat. Cut the pieces into squares and stick a toothpick in the squares.

The final part is to make sure to have a bottle of this. Ice Cream cover that stiffens on ice cream instantly.

This is what it looks like on Ice Cream after being poured. Many flavors available too.

Pour it on the squares and re-freeze them with the tooth pick in them. A delicious snack that resembles chocolate covered banana and fights cancer too!

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Mach Schnell Cucamonga Ramsay yells back!

So it is 2013 and Chef Ramsay is back in another Hell’s Kitchen. Unfortunately the show enters the new season with a very dark mark upon it. Last season, a lesbian was awarded as the winner even though the other chef a white male was better qualified and in the opinion of many beside myself, should have won. It seems to me clearly obvious that there was great pressure to be politically correct and award a gay person as the winner. The reason I get to the crux of this issue is that the lesbian showed very poor judgment in the later parts of the season where as the white male chef did not. His cooking was better, palate was better, he had less issues with Gordon Ramsay and he had a better command of the kitchen as leadership yet a lesbian was awarded because she is gay and in my eyes since this is mainly my opinion as a long time viewer, it was a fixed outcome. Usually when I see this, I stop watching stuff because I believe someone should win on their merits and to be quite honest not just myself, but dismissing the black girl then promoting a lesbian for being gay as the winner lowered greatly, Chef Ramsey in our eyes. I wonder how he felt?


So the new season of Hell’s Kitchen starts with the cursing and oh, the expression as the Chef yells get out, translating to “Mach Schnell Cucamonga” why? Because Mach Schnell means move fast and Cucamonga is away from L.A. and it will be interesting to see if the series can rebound from the serious damage it was awarded along with being politically correct against a real winner.

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