Once A Hollyslut…

So Jillian Reynolds soon to revert to Jillian Barberie it was said in a US Magazine article is to divorce her “SNIPER” husband. I actually suspected this was the case when she said he went  off in the military or something like that. I mean, do you really expect to be married to a nice guy when you go on Howard Sperm’s show and broadcast who you gave blow jobs to, or your nipple size, or the lack of pubic hairs, your breast size, when you like being thrown down and raped at gun point. No wonder GDLA couldn’t wait to dump her. The thing here is I feel very sorry for her children. While they are still young now, growing up under a mommie who seems to relish slutdom is something that can potentially cause those kids mental issues later on.

You guys and gals really know what is very sad here. This woman had a very great career going. NFL tie-in, a husband, a home, children, FOX Good Day L.A. and yet she was unable to let go of being a naughty single woman as an image. In fact she embraced it. When I watch Maria Sansone, she seems light years from Jillian, though Maria, opening your shirt and quoting your boobs following Julie KACHANG is not the right way to go. Got it!

Ho-Ho's :O

Ho-Ho’s :O

It’s a long way from the days of the two above, in fact Hostess is gone too, ironic as it is. Three for the money, aye!

My prediction is that Jillian will continue to sputter on for a while, but her aging CaRear is about to be benched in the future because she is aging and with her age beauty fades. I feel that she might get a show or two, several other gigs here and there, but Jillian’s best days may well be behind her. Will she turn to pornography or a fabled Playboy shoot before Huge kicks the bras? Hard to tell. Will she be hocking products? Probably for a long while. Sad as it seems in her case, Jillian did accomplish a lot, but in the end run lost a lot as well. Time will tell, but remember the old saying and it bodes more true for public viewership than many other things. “Outta sight, outta mind!”


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