Does the Net threaten current TV Markets?

You bet it does. Here are the current players.

Antenna, Cable, Dish, Fiber-optic, those are the biggies. But the internet offers something better and cheaper depending on one’s connection to the net of course. That is streaming on demand video and there are growing mega numbers of potential viewers and oh, by the way. You are no longer bound by the local or even national news networks, Hollywood or rental dvd stores that as of late are the new Do-Do Birds, much like the last Titanic Remake sinking into oblivion of what was a business not so long ago.

I couldn’t help but catch a quick (and I might add) angering glimpse of commie lover and traitor to America, its constitution and citizenry when Jane Fonda walked on stage at the Oscars dressed like a banana. It reminded me that Hollywood embraces everything America is not, yet do we really need these communists and their brainwashing industry anymore? Do we really have time for them? Can we use our hard earned dollars for better things than to support egocentric communists and their phoniness as they snub you? Nope to all of those. Streaming internet channels such as Hulu “Free Edition” Youtube provide endless video and that brings me to HD TV’s for the new TV buyer, and for older sets…the Roku Box. Yes new sets can tie in to a wireless net router and the Roku box does this for sets not equipped with internet connection.

Many new channels plus regular antenna TV channels (last I looked in L.A.) about 125 plus and counting easily replace expensive cable, fiber-optic, and satellite dish bills; and with amazon instant download streaming movies and TV shows for next to nothing or on Hulu Free—you just select a series and episode any time of day, kick back and watch. Streaming news, becoming much more common.

I feel it is only a matter of time before most are replaced by streaming media and with a brand new ultra fast internet in the making, streaming speeds for media and data are bound to ensure the demise of many other formats, much like the DVD rental stores are beginning to tank these days.

Oh, and one last thing. Spend your money and time on other things. Send the message to the Hollywood communists you know the ones, like Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand and so forth that you don’t need them or their products anymore. Time and technology will help them fade away and bring us endless entertainment for cheap or for free across the board.


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