The FOX News Bar

Several folks complained to me several weeks ago they stopped watching FOX news, and being someone who is critical in an honest sense of FOX and their news, I listened to their complaints. They stated that the news bar was way too high, that it used to be at the bottom of the screen and only for a few seconds. Now it just hangs there and so this piqued my curiosity and I went and took a look and lo and behold it did. At first I had really never given it thought, but after staring at a newscast for 30 minutes plus commercials I decided I now knew what they were talking about.

Now to be fair, other newscasts seem to vary with NBC, ABC and CBS, some are high and some are the old way. Here is what most normally look like.

That is ABC Los Angeles news bar and as you can see it is temporarily on the bottom of the news cast. After watching the local news channels I found that most actually do what FOX is doing, perhaps a bit lower but not necessarily at the very bottom of the screen as had been the case. My guess is that the reason for this is because of the multiple channel formats now emerging from simulcasting on several channels. Like for instance 720 HD versus 1080i versus the old format fit to screen of around 640X480 and so forth. There is no other explanation plausible for this. In older times on analog TV, you had one screen size broadcast for everyone, now it’s a real variety of screen sizes out there and I am afraid it will become even more involved as new screen resolutions and sizes appear.

I guess my preference is that the news bar is actually not necessary unless someone is deaf. In the case of deaf folks they have a special box and text options anyhow via their TV setup. So, having the bar is a distraction. In this case it is probably “too much” information on the screen and a distraction and in essence I agree with those viewers and thank them for bringing this to my attention. FOX actually would save time and money as well as other channels by eliminating this feature. It is like buying a new car and the dealer sells you a bottle of that new car smell to spritz inside your car, so you can be reminded of what the car smelled like when you first sat in it.

FOX News Banner and below…



See instead of having FOX news above and the new car smell, why not just have FOX news below that used to work, was simple and uncluttered by screen garbage.

Below is what FOX used to do and even then except for the small FOX logo, the bar was only temporary for a second or two.

Today you get this and the bar stays there forever.

Perhaps it might just be best to have the bar show for a second or two as previously mentioned. Also move the bar at the very bottom. That aside folks, I posted this in response to those who mentioned it.


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