Firearms companies refuse to

Supply government with guns and warranties. Now I urge the remaining companies in the USA to do the same. This should not just be limited to the firearms industry but every industry, like for example the health industry. Time to fight back against communists and how do you do this for them. Refuse to provide medical care for every government employee in the United States of America. Make it cost them dearly, especially the executive branch of communist scumbags. Refuse them access to your hospitals, don’t have medicines for them, charge them up the butthole for medical services.

They don’t like cars, fine, refuse to sell and service their cars. Let them buy foreign products and for you parts distributors out there, refuse to stock foreign parts sales for government. It is time to take a queue from the communists and let them know if they want to ban life for Americans you can help make their lives just as miserable.

Restaurants, and food suppliers, tired of Washington’s communist policies, fine. Refuse to sell and stock the government coffers with American foods and if you are a distributor refuse to do business with them. Let the White House shelves go bare. Let him fly to China for a burger and Michelle to Venezuela for Fries. Oh and speaking of flying. That takes gas!

Oil industry, refuse to sell the feds their oil and gasoline, make them get it over seas and refuse to distribute it. One industry after another. Farmer’s, tired of big companies like Monsanto seizing fields, refuse to supply the government.

If businesses and the people refuse to help the communists, they will learn they cannot enslave Americans and destroy businesses. Meanwhile if you are a citizen, then support these companies starting with the gun companies. They just showed this country’s citizens a roadmap to fight communists and their enslavement, and finally.

For this individual who looks like they are taking a nice crap in each cheek…

No toilet paper, let them wipe sludge….eeeeeewwwwww!


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